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How long would you recommend working as an RN before working as a traveling nurse?

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I believe most travel positions require at least 2 years of experience.

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How long would you recommend working as an RN before working as a traveling nurse?

As long as it takes for you to get comfortable with being a fully functional member of the nursing staff in a facility with 1-2 DAYS of orientation. Minimum 2 years in your specialty. Bare minimum.

I agree with the others. Two years might be OK if you're fairly comfortable with anything thrown at you. I think it's also important to be work-sociable ...a lamb who can easily get along when thrown into a pit of lions.

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I agree with the bare min of 2 years. And that's only if you are able to achieve the competency level needed for travel assignments. The lamb in a lions pit is a good metaphor that pretty much sums up traveling or agency.

If your hospital had a float pool I would reccomend doing that for a while to get acclimated to different floors, staff, environments and specialties to make your experience more rounded. If there is not a float pool or you do not want to do that at the hospital your at try an agency first and do some shifts at various places. This will give you a better idea of the "lions pit" before signing a contract and having the time constraint obligation.

Travel nursing is extremely difficult. I did it with 20 years of experience... took all that I had.

You will get 2 days of orientation to the facility and minimal training on the facility's EMR. You will be expected to function as well as the staff that has been there for years.

Best wishes.

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