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Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has ever worked for Readylink? Also, I looked over past forums, and can't find mention of any names of companies to go with or avoid. Would love if everyone... Read More

  1. by   theresab
    Quote from caramel
    hello everybody.
    i will be starting my very 1st travel assignment in july. might be heading upto virgina or ohio state. now my question is regarding my my travel company , strategic nurse staffing has anyone heard of them. please let me know. thanks

    On 3/2/07 I was contacted by someone by e-mail, whom I later found was a guy who was starting a franchise in Atlanta, GA. for SNS. His e-mail was odd...not the reglular e-mail with company logos...etc. He didn't have an 800 number either. I feel certain that I was talking to him on a cell phone. After several conversations and e-mails trying to get information about E.R. travel opportunities for myself and a friend in CA....and information on his company....which was like major surgery....he finally did a conference call with someone in the NY office.

    I then was asked to do the on-line paper work, whiich I usually only agree to once we have talked about money and particular assignments. I usually send my comprehensive resume. It could be a full time job if you filled out every app and checklist that you are asked to fill out....and most companies will initially accept a resume.

    I was assured that they have openings in the areas that we wanted to go to and needed all my paper work, so that they could present us. They even went as far as to check references...which once again....I never provide until I know we are going to do business. The money was real good (red flag) and the guy was a smooth fast talker and convincing....otherwise I would have decided at that time to look somewhere else.

    A week went by and no call or e-mail. I called the corporate office and spoke to the guy whom I was conferenced in with a couple of weeks prior. I told him that several weeks had gone by and I was getting irritated with the way this was being handled and asked to work with someone else. They either had a position or they didn't. He agreed to handle this himself. He said that he was involved with the franchise recruitment, but did have some nurses he worked with. He at that time called my references, which I later found were duplicate calls. He asked for my social security number, which I adamently refused....I told hime that I had never been asked for this information until I was hired by the agency and told him that I would provide my ss# when they found me a position. This was on a Friday 3/23, and he told me he would get right on it. We are looking to start asap.

    The next time I heard from his office was on 3/29. Another recruiter called me and asked me to tell her what kind of a position and money I was looking for. It was obvious that she knew nothing about me or my file. After discussing the situation and the fact that they did not have anything in Ca for 2 E.R. nurses, she told me she would keep us in mind if something came up.:angryfire

    On 4/4 I got a message from the first guy in Atlanta stating that he was doing a follow-up. He said that the guy in NY told him that there was a "snag." I left him a message on his voice mail on ....stating that I have no idea what is going on...I was told that they had postions and have gotten nothing but the run around. I told him to call me if he wished....he has not called back.:angryfire

    My feelings is that SNS is either too unorganized, has limited positions and is trying to build their data base at the nurse's expense....and are too much into playing games and talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    There are many reputable ones out there...but word to the wise...if it looks too isn't.
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  2. by   Kerolyn
    Does anyone know anything about RNDemand or TNS (Travel Nurse Solutions)
    companies? I have received calls from them and was wondering if they are good or not.
  3. by   ernurse16
    I worked my last assignment with RN Network. The assignment was great but they were awful. Lost my paysheets almost every other week. Promised things then said... ohhhh I don't remember saying that! Another travel nurse working with me was making $3 an hour less than I was working the same assignment as me and also with RN Network. I won't ever work for them again. Same thing with Cross Country... they are too big, they won't negotiate and housing wasn't that great.

    Stat was good to me but didn't have much in the midwest. I am trying out Access at the moment. So far, housing is awesome, furniture is the best I have had on any assignment but since it's my first week with them, I can't tell you much else. Keep ya posted
  4. by   nsgshortage
    Avoid CrossCountry, Travel Nurse Across America, NursesRx, InnovativeNursingPlacements and American Mobile LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

    A bunch of cheaters and liars who want to send you somewhere on less
    money than you are making now and give you a nasty attitude when you question the junky housing and salary they are offering.
    CC will even offer you contracts with no insurance. hahahaha


    Very pushy. Always trying to sell you an assignment like 1000 miles from where you want to be.

    Look for a local company in the state you want to go to.

    Don't go anywhere to work hard putting some "shirt" on the gulf course.
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  5. by   theresab
    Don't know anything about the other companies...but I've had my own horror story with Innovative Placements. I would totally agree....couldn't pay me enough to ever work for them again!!! :angryfire
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  6. by   cruisernurse
    I am with TNS with about 8 other nurses right now. Every last one of us have nothing but good things to say about them. They call just to check in, fix housing issues immediately and just good people to work with.

    Please send private message and I will tell you who my recruiter is since I don't know if that is allowed on this forum.

    good luck.
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  7. by   bagladyrn
    Regarding Cross Country - My last post on this thread was in 2003, stating my satisfaction with them after working with them for 7 years. Four years later I'm still traveling with Cross Country. That pretty much says it all for me.
  8. by   Kerolyn
    Thanks for the replies. Is RN Network the same as RNDemand?
  9. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I worked some wonderful assignments with On Assignment. Wonderful pay,bennies and a car with they paying car insurance. My accomodations were beautiful with everything provided. All I need to do is unpack my things, go shop for groceries and enjoy peace of mind. No company I have worked for so far has given as much as they do. My pay has been very fair and on time with no mistakes.
  10. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I know the TNS people. They have good assignments with good pay but I tend to travel out and want a co. car. They don't pay for car insurance.
  11. by   CRNI-ICU20
    Has anyone worked with nightingale? or Aureus? OR Travelmed?

    just curious what your experiences have been. A long time ago...(in a star system far far away...heheheh) I traveled with Preferred Health. I think they were out of Orlando....they were very good...took good care of me...etc. I wouldn't recommend American Mobile....they lied about alot of things to me, and could't keep their stories I withdrew from contracting with them.
  12. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I have talked with Readylink numerous times that they have called me. They have no housing and use Tax Advantage to show you what you can be making. It scares me off every time.
  13. by   kellis99RN
    Hey, lots of great info on companies in here.
    I'm looking to take my first travel assignment.
    So far, Novapro has been the most helpful with what I consider great pay for the area. I'm doing a "local travel" assignment first so I'll just be getting my feet wet, and getting the housing stipend.

    RNNetwork has contacted me, the recruiter was decent but kept trying to send me to point Z when I asked for point A. ???

    NursesRX - just seemed wierd all around. Kept getting my file mixed up so I said No thank you.

    Trustaff. Anyone have details on this company? Great recruiter, worked hard to find what I wanted and where. But, the Tax Adv Plan just doesn't cut it for me (although I do see the advantages, I am looking to build a house early next yr, need a strong W2). Also, there was a weekly deduct for "expenses" so the hrly pay lost its appeal.

    Anything I should know about Novapro? I should start my assignment in 2 weeks.