TravCon - Travelers Conference - Las Vegas, NV

  1. Here is a conference for travel nurses. Earn CEUs, learn and enjoy networking events....

    TravCon - Travelers Conference - Las Vegas, NV

    The TravCon 2018 Conference is for, about and by healthcare travelers. Network with fellow travelers and top industry insiders at this year's TravCon conference. Earn your CEUs while meeting new friends and learning the latest on how to navigate your traveling career. Meet staffing agencies for new ways to deal with the specific challenges that travel nurses deal with. Find other Travel Nurses interested in going to the same places that you are wanting to go. Connect in a way you never thought possible.

    When and Where

    It is being held Sept 9-11th in Las Vegas. Here is the online form where you can easily and quickly register.


    There will be 25 nonclinical sessions that offer CEU credit, some for the new traveler and others for the experienced traveler. Sit in on the session with nationally recognized tax expert, Joseph Smith of Traveltax. He will provide unique concepts of multistate taxes, tax homes, as well as tax complexities with independent contractors.

    Newbie Bootcamp

    Brand new or new within one year to traveling healthcare professionals? This session is for you! On Sunday, fundamentals will be presented on how deal with the specific set of challenges faced by travelers, providing the framework of information necessary to fully understand the main conference sessions.

    Additional Classes

    • Spanish Intensive
    • BLS/PALS/ACLS renewals

    Special Events

    Join us for the Afterparty and make sure to check out the additional independent events organized by traveler groups and sponsors. Look can find TravCon groups on Facebook and find one that fits your needs.

    Registration Information

    Registration opens in April. Attendees may not be employed nor representing the interests of any healthcare staffing agency aside from a working traveler. Also, you cannot engage in any recruiting activity or collection of personal information from attendees or exhibitors for commercial or marketing purposes. Prices will go up after May 1st.

    Spouses and traveling companions are allowed to register at the same prices. If you attended the 2017 conference, register in the first week and get 20% off the cost of the conference. For Pantravelers Association, contributing members are eligible for 20% off the main conference until September 6th.

    Early Bird Mon/Tues Conference and Afterparty

    • Actual cost $467
    • TravCon subsidized price $149

    Newbie Boot Camp and Reception

    • Actual cost $143
    • TravCon subsidized price $59

    Medical Spanish Intensive

    • Actual cost $131
    • TravCon subsidized price $89

    Mon/Tues Main Conference and Afterparty after May 1st

    • Actual cost $467
    • TravCon subsidized price $199

    Mon/Tues after August 1st

    • Actual cost $467
    • TravCon subsidized price $249

    Hotel Information

    Bally's Las Vegas
    645 Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
    Phone: 1-877-603-4390

    Reservations open in April; $99 per room, $29 daily resort fee. There is a parking free for those who are registered through the conference, otherwise it is $10 a day. Mention "travelers conference" when calling to reserve using the code SBATE7 for group rate.


    RNs, Allied Healthcare professionals, NPs, PAs, and those who are looking into the field of travel will be in Las Vegas. Not only Registered Nurses, NPs, and Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses will be attending, which is 80% of the people pool, but PT, RT, and OT, will be there. Attendance has increased from 2008 with 125 attendees to 2017 with 1250.

    We Look Forward Seeing You at the TravCon 2018 Conference!

    Help make this year be the best it can be with your presence at the TravCon 2018 Conference. Learn how to be smart with managing your independent career alongside the diverse group of healthcare professionals by whom you will be surrounded. Pick the brains of those who have gone to places that you are considering and find the best job at the best place. Follow your dreams and plan your future this year leaving room for some sightseeing.

    Choose from the multiple tours available by helicopter and air balloon to see what Las Vegas has to offer such as the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. There are night tours, and casinos for the party people, lots of choices for the foodies and wine connoisseurs. There is also lots of shopping and sightseeing to please any taste. Don't miss out on all the networking opportunities offered at TravCon, the largest annual event for traveling healthcare professionals.
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  3. by   ChrisMMS
    Awesome! Who all from this group is going to be at travcon?
  4. by   ICUman
    I live in Las Vegas and am considering going to learn more.
  5. by   NedRN
    There is an admission discount available for members at a paid level of PanTravelers. Just an FYI before you purchase a ticket at full cost. There is also a discount available for paid PanTravelers memberships at the Conference for attendees.

    I doubt I'll be there, but I've been a moderator on negotiating workshops there in the past. Have fun everyone!
  6. by   claudiatraveler
    I try to go every year, I use my association discount to get a cheaper conference ticket, then I renew my PanTravelers membership at the conference to get the conference discount. Good classes and a great party at the end.
  7. by   NedRN
    One of the coolest things in my mind about the conference is the ability to meet recruiters and agency owners in person. I often write here about the importance of a good relationship and communication with recruiters and talking to them in person is much more powerful and efficient than phone tag. Imagine meeting and talking to a dozen recruiters in a day! Most useful for newer travelers but experienced travelers benefit too. Whether the benefits of the conference and having (or loving) to go to Las Vegas is worth the cost and time away from work is highly individual.

    The times I've gone have always been between/end/beginning assignments in California. I also loved to go to an unrelated convention (bicycle industry) held the week before in Las Vegas so that satisfied my need to have discretionary trips for more than one reason. Sadly that convention has moved to Reno this year. But if I go to that, I will likely swing by Las Vegas too.

    I'd recommend to all looking at AirBnB if you go. You can pick up a two bedroom apartment for less than the cost of a hotel room. Some will enjoy being on site at the conference hotel of course.
  8. by   ChrisMMS
    It'll be my first time going I'm excited to be able to put a name to the faces of nurses I've been talking too. I'm a little sad that you won't be there @NedRN I was looking forward to getting to meet you in person.
  9. by   Swellz
    I'm hoping to go. A friend of mine went last year and really liked Joseph Smith's session.
  10. by   claudiatraveler
    The thing this post didn't mention is the thing I really want. According to the Travcon website, there's a CEN review before the conference on Sunday. I need that!
  11. by   ChrisMMS
    Not sure who's all going to this, but I'd love to meet any traveler or recruiter going to this and be able to put a name to the face. If you plan to be there and would like to meet up let me know! Can't wait!