to drive, or not to drive

  1. Hey!!!
    Well I finally got my first assignment lined up at Tri-City in Oceanside, CA to start next month! I am soo excited about it but I just need some advice.
    I am going with a friend but we are debating on whether to drive or fly(from North Carolina!!). I think that the cross-country drive would be a great experience-i've always wanted to do it anyway. Or, we could fly, get her car shipped and share a car when we get there. Now, there is no guarantee that we will work in the same hospital...actually we probably wont. She may work in La Jolla, and we may have to live in between the 2 places. What would you seasoned travelers do--any words of wisdom? I mean, I know that we may run into problems with sharing a car, but I figure if I need to I can rent a car...or even buy one if I want to stay there longer-just as I call it-a "travel car" to get me through my travel itch...
    Any suggestions would help!!!!!! THANK'S YA'LL!!!!!!

    PS-my current car is not dependable enough for a cross-country drive, so i would eventually have to buy one anyway!
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    If you have the time, I'd say do the drive. The cross country trips and all that you get to see along the way are one of the high points of traveling for me. I've been bouncing back and forth across the country for 10 years now and love the open road.
    The other advantage is that you can take more of the personal items that make you feel at home when you take your vehicle with you.
    Just make sure that if you drive, you allow yourself sufficient time (at least one more day than you think it should take) so that you can make unexpected stops, or deal with problems without time stress.
  4. by   lcraigbsn
    I drove from ohio to reno, nv. i am glad i did. it was like a vacation and got me adjusted to driving in unfamiliar areas. plus i was still paying for my van and i was also able to bring some things along that i did not have to depend on my company to profide. anyways, good luck. this is my first assignment also. hopeing to get to ca in jan.
  5. by   kimee
    Yep, been there and done ALL THAT. I have taken several assignments to California from Joplin, MO area...its a good three day drive. I flew the second time and my travel company picked up the cost of rental for my entire (3) contracts that I stayed...then I drove a U-Haul home with my goodies. I would suggest the Flying and car rental the first trip - you can always decide to buy a car and drive home (when you have more money and time). I finally bought a truck...I tend to collect goodies where ever I go!
  6. by   jessyjaneRN
    hi guys
    if u havent traveled yet i went from nc to cal this summer. flew. my agency provided the car and i still got over $30hr even with housing, car and insurance.
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  7. by   freeasabird
    How much did that uhaul cost you? I was thinkin of doing that as well