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lcraigbsn has 13 years experience and specializes in EMERGENCY, FAMILY MEDICINE.


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  1. lcraigbsn

    Need advice

    I am sorry but you have to report her. This is a dangerous person who should not be working in the healthcare field. I woudl be so upset if I knew that someone taking care of my dad or grandfather or any family member was treating them this way. I know this is a difficult situation for you, believe me, but you really have an obligation to the patient. I will be prying for you that all goes well foryou and yoru family.
  2. lcraigbsn

    Army Reserve Nursing

    Thanks, I appreciate the response. I completed the application and am wating for the MEPS. I am actually excited about it. I will keep you informed.
  3. lcraigbsn

    Army Reserve Nursing

    I am also thinking about the reserves. I am 44 yrs old. recently relocated to dallas tx from ohio via travel nursing. I did all the paper work a year ago for the reserves but had to lose some weight so decided to do travel nursing. Now it is still in my heart I think? are there anyone who is my age who is in the reserves? how much in shape do I need to be and also can i do the officer's training since i have a BSN and 4 yrs experience? thanks.
  4. lcraigbsn

    to drive, or not to drive

    I drove from ohio to reno, nv. i am glad i did. it was like a vacation and got me adjusted to driving in unfamiliar areas. plus i was still paying for my van and i was also able to bring some things along that i did not have to depend on my company to profide. anyways, good luck. this is my first assignment also. hopeing to get to ca in jan.
  5. lcraigbsn

    verbal a committment??

  6. lcraigbsn

    verbal a committment??

    I verbally told my recruiter that i would extend my contract. now i am having second thoughts. she says i am committed even though i have not signed new contract. is this true?
  7. lcraigbsn

    getting scared

    hi. hope to see ya. i took 5 days to drive from ohio, driving about 5-6 hrs a day. stopped in Peoria ill,omaha neb, cheyeene wy,and salt lake city. i did not know about the camel rides, when is it? sounds interesting. where are u coming from aand do you know your apt number yet?
  8. lcraigbsn

    getting scared

    sorry to be taking so long to get back to you all. i drove from ohio to reno and left on 17th and arrived on fri the 21st. jsut got able to check messages on computer. boy that drive was something. i never did cross country driving before. thankfully my grandmother rode with me. she did not drive but kept me company. beautiful country we live in. so far, REno is HOT. but i love the mountains. i have a book with everything about reno and lake tahoe in it. i plan to see the hot air balloons especially. again thanks for your replies. really helps me becasue this is first time and i did feel homesick. reminded me of when i left home for college soooo many years ago. manzanita gates apts are great.
  9. lcraigbsn

    how's reno?

    i was and am still a little homesick. never left home like this before and i am in my 40s. but all new things are scary. this is my first night on the job at washoe south meadows. so far ok. people are nice. lots of travelers here though.
  10. lcraigbsn

    Thinking of traveling to Reno

    sory i just read your message. i am starting a job at Washoe on July 24th. i am also with medical express. today i have the jitters, never left home before even though i am 43 yrs old. so i am a bit scared. but determined. anyways... i have heard nothing but good things about washoe. hope to see u there.
  11. lcraigbsn

    getting scared

    it is med/surg with tele. how about the being away from what is normal and familiar?
  12. lcraigbsn

    getting scared

    hey everyone. I am the one who is starting first travel assignment on july 24th. i leave my home tomwon mon the 17th and am driving to reno. needless to say i am now getting scared. i have forgotten all the reasons for doing this. i am not going to back down but would truly appreciate some pick-me-uppers. i know that once i get n the road and get there i will be ok. once i say my goodbyes... but still.. any help or advice... thanks, Lcraigbsn
  13. lcraigbsn

    how's reno?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. relieved.
  14. lcraigbsn

    how's reno?

    thanks for info.
  15. lcraigbsn

    Any Ideas on Becoming a Nurse Lawyer

    which is better: a law degree or obtaining a lnc i was thinking about law school but it is expensive. but i do not want to take a legal nurse course and still be considered a paralegal or medical assistant. can anyone enlighten me?

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