thinking about traveling

  1. I have been in a RN in a nursing home for 10 yrs now.
    Now that my youngest daughter is getting close to being out of school would like to do traveling.
    I have no idea what is out there positon wise with the limited experience I have.
    What are the traveing nurse co.s looking for do I need to look for a position in a hospital for experience?
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  3. by   PsychoRN
    Travel companies usually require that you have at least a year of hospital experience before you can work for them.
  4. by   dabestrn
    Sorry LTC, have to agree with psycho. I am a traveller. They require at least a yrs exp with med/surg nsg. May be wrong though. Just give one of the companies a call/email to find out.
  5. by   Brownms46

    If you want to travel, you will have no problems doing so in LTC! There are many nursing homes looking for nurses to work. if you want to travel in a hospital, there are hospitals, that would take you. But I wouldn't advise you to take any of them.

    Travelers are expected in many places to experts, and there is a good chance you could in up in Charge on a unit, or be floated to different areas. But as I said, if you're looking to travel in LTC, you should have no problems finding a good assignment. There are many hospitals with assignment on SNF, Rehab, and TCUs. Good Luck in finding your first travel assignment!
  6. by   Christian Nurse
    I'm thinking about traveling myself. I'm going into my first 6 months as an at University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan. Can someone give me some tips on what to look for when seeking out a travel agency, what to expect, etc.
  7. by   thm107
    I am a traveler, and have been so for three years.........(I am new here-hello!) and if you are seriously considering traveling my advice is to work as a float nurse for a while.........going floor to floor on a daily basis is fantastic training for traveling. I strongly recommend traveling, but only if your skills and experience are stellar-there are far too many unqualified/underqualified RN's doing it, and many do not have the self-confidence or strength to do it.

    Traveling can be very tough, but I doubt that I would EVER go back on staff again. Traveling is so much better, the freedom, the lack of involvement in unit politics, no inservices!!!!, no pressure for overtime, no real "boss", and the freedom to leave if the job sucks.

    If you are considering traveling, find your most outspoken RN and ask him/her if they think you have the balls. You will need them. GOOD LUCK!
  8. by   caroladybelle
    I have been traveling for a year now and love it - but some caveates:

    Try to crosstrain to other units to gain more skills.
    Or work PRN at another facility locally to see how you can handle it.
    You do need the chutzpah to stand up for yourself.
    And some acting skills - but then, all nurses need those.

    And good luck.
  9. by   LTCNursemidwest
    Thanks for the advice you all have given, very informative
  10. by   renerian
    LTCNURSEMIDWEST you can do traveling long term care. Many companies have it. Call around.

  11. by   teeituptom
    OMG, If my wife would ever get smart and toss me out. Then Travel is what I would do, Just me and my Golfclubs what a life to do, What a dream
  12. by   renerian
    I plan to go back into it at a later date.

  13. by   LTCNursemidwest
    THanks to everyone who made a post !!
  14. by   wolfie
    I'm with the others. I will never go back to a hospital. I've been doing traveling and local agency for 6-7 years. I'm sure there is traveling for LTC. Just check out your agencies. What's good for one may not be good for another.