Stay Away From Texas

  1. i HAD A HORRIBLE EXPerieNCE WITH Travel nursing. I had 1.5 years in ICU experience and the travel company assured me that was just great-well it wasnt. my assignment was in el paso texas. the doctors were the most rude M.D.'s ive ever met in my life and at this hospital the nurses seemed to allow it/put up with it. I was floated to different ares were I had no experience. I think i just didnt have enough experience-that was the main problem. anyway my contract got ended early becasue i made a "poor" nursing judgment (granted the patients was unaffected by it) anyway i owed the company rent for 2 months for the apartment they housed me in. the company didnt even ask me for my side of the story-they just terminated me basically. what it boils down to is you have no rights as a traveler-if u make one wrong move your gone and thats it plus you end up owing the company money for housing. also at this hospital icu nurses were giving drugs they didnt have orders for-oopps!! well i will be more than willing to give more specifics but it has to be in a private forum or over the phone
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  3. by   BadBird
    I guess you have to get everything in writing including floating. I have not traveled yet but plan on this summer, have you tried the delphi forum for travelers, you may get more pointers there as to who to avoid. Thanks for sharing your experience, hope your next one will be better.
  4. by   renerian
    I feel for you.........I did home health traveling and it is not great everywhere you go. I am sorry and a big hug to you......

  5. by   Brownms46
    Hi parisgirl..,

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience in El Paso, but I must say your experience had more to do with your inexperience as a traveler, and your agency, that it did with being in Texas. First if you're uncomfortable with being floated to an area, you should refuse. Also you would need to have discussed floating policies before signing the contract. During the interview, this would have been the time to find out what would be expected as far as floating is concerned. And this was the time to state whether or not you were comfortable in floating to other areas.

    Also a good agency would have stuck by you, and listened to your side of the story. I have been on assignments, where I refused to take on additional responsiblities, and ended up canceling the assignment, as it wasn't what I agreed to do. My company heard my side of it, and stood by me, and quickly found me another assignment. They never charged me a dime for the housing, while they found the new assignment either!

    I agree with the info you got about Checking out The Travel Nurses and Therapists forums is an excellent way to find out about hospitals, and agencies. You can ask questions about just about every situation, and someone is more than likely been there and done that. Believe me it has saved many from going thru the same kind of situation you have just described!

    I sincerely hope you haven't given up on travel, as just about all of us out here have went thru a bad assignment or two ..or three.... But experience is a great teacher, and checking out delphi is an excellent way to save yourself a lot of heartache, and disappointment. If I can help...just let me know...
  6. by   lever5
    I ran into that on my last assignment. Nurses writing orders without calling the dr. advise to turn up the drip, without titration orders, They were a busy unit, did things crazy, I just acted dumb until they asked me to leave. I don't know if I should have discussed this with my company, I just told them I was not prepared to work on that unit. They found me another job withing 1 day. They prorated the housing allowance. That was fair. It was basically my nose up in the air. I have my standards pertaining to how far I will push my license over the line.
  7. by   NancyRN
    What happens if you find you just aren't up to the long hours?
    Sounds like your company stuck you. One reason we pay so much for lips service is so someone will stand and back you when need be. I do hope we dont travel for the same company. Also you may want to negotiate your contracts more to your favor,where you dont float. If your in a hospital where your not comfortable and you see things going on that arent right then get your license and get out of there. No amount of money is worth that. Yes a travel contract can be terminated at any time, but have to speak with you and get your side of the story.
    Sorry to hear about it

    about the question about the long hours: Well if you dont think you can pull the long hours or the hours decided on for the job then decline the job.
  9. by   NancyRN
    ZOE, what I meant is: what happens you cannot complete an assignment? Does the company charge you money? Sue you? I haven't seen that issue addressed.
    If (you) break the contract then you have broken contract with the hospital and the company inwhich you work with. You can be held accountable for any moneys that have been lost. If the hospital breaks contract with you for reasons they feel you have placed yourself into(negligence) then the company and you deal one on one with expenses. If the company breaks contract with you or the hospital then again you deal with loss of moneys. Its very complicated but simple if you take it one by one and discuss the issues at hand. There are times where you can break contract and no be charged for the end of the term of the contract and that is death of yourself or a family member.
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    Please, don't hate Texas because of one bad city!!!!!!

  12. by   NancyRN
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    . There are times where you can break contract and no be charged for the end of the term of the contract and that is death of yourself or a family member.
    It's good to know I won't be charged anything for dying on the job!
  13. by   MEtheBabiesRN
    I think it all depends on what experience each individual has. I worked as a staff nurse at an NICU in Dallas. Left there to move home to Canada but felt that I had a good experience in Dallas. I worked with a girl in Canada that had worked at the same NICU as a traveller. She felt her experience there was horrible. So it all boils down to your own assessment of the situation.
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    ....Deep in the heart of, ahey?