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    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    Um - discussion...

  2. by   TLove
    What a bizarre board.
    This is a nursing community?
    You make a simple observation, and everyone starts piling on.
    LVRN asked me "Professional assistance for what?"
    My reply wasn't meant to be rude, but since this is the Traveling Nurses board, I thought it was obvious that traveling nurses, who have tax, liability, licensing issues that regular nurses don't have, could use some direction.
    "Scam" was referring to the Terms & Uses that prevent professionals from joining in with advice. Someone elsewhere pointed out that professionals are out here, they just can't identify themselves (to verify their qualifications) so if someone responds to you, "just assume they know what they are talking about". That seem just a bit dangerous.
    I don't have "attitude" nor am I "pissy". I simply question things, sorry. Maybe if I had added a smiley face to my post everyone would have felt more comfortable.
    To Stargazer: I don't believe it is possible to "intuit" something once you have been told what that something is. Hence, the intuition. Also, to intuit something requires a sense or an insight. No "magic" is involved.
    OBNurseHeather: Rather catty, your comments. That time of the month? Or are you just like that naturally.
    NurseGoodGuy: I did open a "thread". That's what's connecting all of these sniping messages. Plus, it is a "message" board, not a "question" board. A new thread does not have to start with a question. They usually start with a statement. I made a statement. LVRN asked for clarification of my statement. I expounded on it. And LVRN is right about using honey instead of vinegar. Look what the vinegar brought out.
    Now, this reply probably qualifies as "pissy".
    So pile on guys.
    Let the flaming continue . . .
  3. by   Vsummer1
    I have heard of a few nurses who ended up poorly at the end of the year due to taxes. I read on a board (most likely this one though not sure..) that the best route to go is to hire an accountant. They will be sure that the taxes are filed correctly.

    There is a wealth of information and a lot of great people on this board, but with as many topics as come up here you have to be sure to phrase your questions a bit more precisely. Sometimes we will be scanning the messages and not look at the particular topic. It is the standard practice for the poster to clarify their topic/ questions in the message. I would suggest that you read a few of the posts here so you could get the general feel for the board and how it is used. That way there will be no further misunderstandings!!

    You will find some excellent advice here once you get used to the format!
  4. by   eltrip
    Nicely done!
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Val is our board goodwill ambassador.
    TLove, try some tact next time when you come onto a board for the first time.
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  6. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by TLove
    Now, this reply probably qualifies as "pissy".
    No, no, not at all, don't be silly. Why, just the other day, Heather said something catty to ME, and I asked her, "Hey Heather, is it 'that time of the month'"again? Because around here, when someone disagrees with another poster, we just assume it's due to those icky female hormonal fluctuations, and not due to any, y'know, actual ISSUES. Even when it's nursegoodguy. We're just a very bizarre board that way. So don't worry, you're fitting in and making friends beautifully. In fact, here's a smilie just for you. And some balloons.
  7. by   Mkue
    I'm not much help on this subject but I have a sister who is a traveler and makes HUGE amounts of money.. TAX time is not a good time for her and I know that she puts it off as long as possible. Maybe you could talk to a really good tax man to give you somes suggestions !
  8. by   fulwood
    Tlove, I think there is another board that is helpful for travellers. It's on the delphi forums.
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by TLove
    OBNurseHeather: Rather catty, your comments. That time of the month? Or are you just like that naturally.
    Oh WOW! I can't believe no one jumped on this yet!

    I'm always like this TLove, just in case you were truly wondering. But I'll guess you were just making a feeble attempt at sarcasm.

    "That time of the month." So original.

  11. by   kittyw
    That's why we love you Heather!!! :kiss
  12. by   Stargazer
    Heather: see my post at the end of page 1 of the thread.
  13. by   whatelse3
    professional assistance is available

    just recently a book on travel nursing just came out with lots of advise for new and experienced travelers. the book was published by lippincott and is called: hitting the road: a guide to travel nursing by shalon kearney. it can be ordered on amazon or barnes and noble. best way to find it is by putting in the authors name for the search.

    also, a new website has come out for travelers that provides information and even has an experienced person you can email for advise on traveling. the website is