Assignment at Stanford

  1. I have a telephone interview coming up with Stanford University in the ER for at travel position. Any insight on what I can expect?
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  3. by   Travel_RNER
    Just this a Kaiser Facility interview?
  4. by   NedRN
    Stanford is not Kaiser. However, American Mobile has a vendor management contract with both. So there is a possibility that they do a Kaiser-like prescreening interview (which is a common vendor manager service). I've not seen it mentioned on forums anywhere that they do, only that American Mobile low balls their own travelers going to Stanford. Last time I traveled to Stanford was 6 years ago (before AM) and it was a direct interview with the manager only.
  5. by   Codeman906
    Yea, It ended up just being an interview with the manager, and Im super excited because its STANFORD, but I honestly do feel like I am being low balled. Its not more than im already making in Kentucky, and in KY I get overtime. If I can get all the OT I want at Stanford ill be golden, if not ill be making pretty much the same as I do at home when I work torn....dunno if I should take the offer because of the great experience I will gain there, or try and find a higher paying facility...
  6. by   NedRN
    So you went through AM? My motto is never go with an agency that is also the prime vendor. You may not have known of course.

    Stanford does look good on the resume though.
  7. by   Codeman906
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  8. by   Codeman906
    Quote from NedRN
    Stanford does look good on the resume though.
    Exactly!But ya I went against my better judgement and went with AM just because I wanted Stanford, and they totally low balled me. Is it worth pushing for more money? What are the odds I'll get overtime if I want it?
  9. by   NedRN
    You probably would have been better off if you had tried AM subcontracting agencies first. Yes, you may have lost out as AM gives preference to their own travelers, but you would have been paid more. In the broad scheme of things, having a bucket list and taking your time about specific assignments until the stars align will earn you more. But you wanted, and now you should probably take it to avoid blackballing.

    I'm not sure of the current situation at Stanford. They use lots of travelers historically, so I'm going to guess no overtime. Cheaper to hire more, especially at the bill rates they seem to be getting. Forget about OT on lower paying assignments, and aim for a high quality of life instead. Especially when in the Bay area!
  10. by   nursenotamaid
    AMN has an exclusive contract with Stanford. Because Stanford is a really popular assignment, they can get away with paying super low pay rates.

    The flipside of that is that Stanford (mostly ICUs, ORs, ERs and Pediatrics) is a really kickass place to work, and offer phenomenal sign on packages and pay rates.
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    Why are you so concerned with overtime? Entirely too much fun to be had here in The Bay Area than being at work 4-5 12's per week!
  12. by   goldengirl88
    do you know of any other agency having contracts with Stanford other than AMN?
  13. by   Mitts78
    Quote from Codeman906
    If I can get all the OT I want at Stanford ill be golden, if not ill be making pretty much the same as I do at home when I work OT.....
    So working your regular sch shift at Stanford will = the pay of OT in KY? And this is a problem? You're getting the same pay for working less hours? This is a problem because?
  14. by   GleeGum
    yes, it's worth the money. stanford is great on the resume plus it's a GREAT place to work and the possibility of going perm after 6 months.