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I still haven't decided on a travel company to work with. I am new to this and would appreciate any advice. PPR sounds good but are only offering $24/hr for the ER. Someone suggested faststaff or... Read More

  1. by   RN Zeke
    Any current Faststaff RN's out there and care to comment on the current on goings?
  2. by   aakrn
    I honestly do not have anything good to say about MSN......
  3. by   flnursemichelle
    I'm with Intelistaff/MSN & I've been very happy with them. I worked with other agencies who I felt were shady. AMN was good but I like MSN much better. You can't judge them on the assignment, they have no clue how the hospital is run. My pay is ok, not great but it's livable. Housing is AWESOME! had a problem with my paycheck that has already been fixed. Didn't even take 4 days. My recruiter has been awesome, pm me & I'll tell you her name. She calls at least every week (or emails) to check on me. She also knows I prefer emails & tries me there first if it's not time sensitive. Good luck I hope this helps.
  4. by   huntfishwv
    My wife and I were talking to faststaff for the past month getting all the paperwork submitted, but after getting all of the hoops jumped through they tell us there are NO JOBS and we're on a hotlist for california. This was a bit aggrevating as we have sold her car and our house is in boxes. I'm keeping my name in the hat though in case theres a good strike at some point we can jump in on. We called RN Network and submitted an application and in 1 day the guy landed us a job in san diego. I think it really depends on who you go with for the job, and i'm already learning you need to keep your name in the hat for a few companies not knowing who might have the jobs on your next stent. I liked the people I talked to at faststaff and they have jobs in the new england area but out west it seems a little dry right now in the pot. Best of luck.
  5. by   RN Zeke
    I was in the same boat with them...hanging on for a great job, the hospital wouldn't get back to them..Took a job with another company after being strung along for a month.
  6. by   GleeGum
    i've traveled with PPR and they take care of you. the pay may not be great, but i don't think anywhere is great. i'm ER too. You should have 3 agencies or so. jobs are hard to get. and I prefer to get a recommendation on a recruiter than just call up and get whoever answers the phone. i would travel again with PPR in a heartbeat.
  7. by   ERRNinMI
    That is crazy that they cancel staff over travel! And doesn't seem fair. We don't have many travel nurses in MI, that I know of anyway, but a hospital I work for has Flex which are nurses who float within the system, and get paid big. Those people are usually canceled first because they make more!

    Quote from jodyangel
    Yeah I work STAFF at a local South Jersey (wonders if you work with me lol) and we use Faststaff. Thing I don't like about it, is their days are contracted 4 days a week and they CAN"T be cancelled. So yesterday they called me off for my 12 hr. shift cause they use so many freakin travel nurses!!! The Supervisor said to me that they just had a meeting and they didn't have to wait til after you work your 3 shifts a week to cancel you. They NOW can do it any day they want. And if you don't have any vacation time or personal time to make up for they can just cancel you WITHOUT PAY!! Now I'm truly annoyed about this. It shows me that being staff means nothing. You have no security with your work at all. I need my 4 12 hr. shifts and NOW my paycheck will be short one day.......that makes a differance of hundreds of dolloars!! Grrrrrrrr!!