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  1. ERRNinMI

    Travel job in SD

    Don't forget about the free insurance!
  2. ERRNinMI

    Reputable Agencies for a new travel nurse

    I agree, pick a state and get the license process started!
  3. ERRNinMI

    Looking for younger travel partners ages 20-30, ER

    I am 32 F, ER nurse, looking to start traveling in April. Would LOVE to talk to some of you about your experiences, etc. Not sure if I can get PM's but try me!! Dana
  4. ERRNinMI

    Looking for younger travel partners ages 20-30, ER

    Michelle - how long did it take you to get licensed? Did you o LiveScan? I am working on all the paperwork for CA and probably going to fly there for LiveScan. Hoping to start traveling in April. What company are you with?
  5. ERRNinMI

    Travel Nursing and Organization

    Being organized and getting all your work done can be a tedious task. I work in the ER and we have anywhere from 4-6 patients at a time. They can be patients who have been there for hours, or new patients who need the immediate work up. The first thing I do when I come on shift is get report, (obviously) and then I use post it notes or a small piece of paper and make a list of all the things I need to do for that patient. Things like assessment, vitals, give meds, redraw blood, needs xray, waiting on labs, etc. This helps me evaluate what needs to be done NOW vs. what can be done later. Many times although we have techs who can help us, they often are hoarded by the lazy nurses, so I do most everything myself, and let's face it, you are only one person, and you can only do so many things at once. We use all computerized charting, and we chart by exception, which makes charting pretty tolerable. I'm sure the tasks are much different on the floor vs. the ER but it's all about prioritizing your tasks, and charting as you go would probably help. Hope it gets easier for you!
  6. ERRNinMI

    Anyone with MSN or Faststaff?

    That is crazy that they cancel staff over travel! And doesn't seem fair. We don't have many travel nurses in MI, that I know of anyway, but a hospital I work for has Flex which are nurses who float within the system, and get paid big. Those people are usually canceled first because they make more!
  7. ERRNinMI

    I need the DIRT on travel nursing!

    I have just started researching travel nursing and what I have found, and maybe this is because I'm ER, is that they want minimum 2 years, they want license in hand with the state(s) you are interested in, and anything else that makes you stand out. I have been advised that the hospitals want you to be able to come in, and get to work. Minimum orientation (a week at best), and be able to fit in. I also agree with the poster who mentioned the 3-5 companies. Get info from all.
  8. ERRNinMI

    Housing in San Francisco?

    What company with and why aren't they finding you housing?
  9. ERRNinMI

    Need an agency!

    I am also seeking a travel position in CA, preferably Southern. I have spoken with three companies, American Mobile being one of them and the Recruiter has been awesome. Sometimes takes a while to get back to me, but has been beyond gracious in answering all my questions. I also have heard nothing bad about American Mobile and one of the nurses I work with said she has worked with them for 3 years and has never had one problem. Everyone has a different opinion though. Thanks to whoever posted the other company names, time to network!!
  10. ERRNinMI

    How to stop Onward Healthcare harassment?

    This is one of the companies I am looking into and getting information from on Travel positions. They haven't seemed to bother me at all. In fact, I was shocked after I told them in December that I was putting my 'search' on hold and wanted to pick back up in April that they called me Friday just to check in on me. There should be an option with your email that you could mark those emails as 'Spam' if they are really bothersome. This way they default into your spam folder and not your inbox.
  11. ERRNinMI

    U of D Mercy Accelerated Second Degree

    Wendy, I am not really sure what loan forgiveness programs your are referring to. The only programs like that I know of are ones in hospitals. For instance the hospital I work for gives you up to 6,000 towards your schooling but you have to agree to work for them for three years. Another thing I know if is that a couple of the small loans ($1,000) are written off if you stay working in an Acute Care Facility. I do not know the details of this yet. I opted not to take the money from my work because I didn't want to be locked in there for 3 years if something better came along. Personally, any amount of debt is worth a lifetime career of happiness and constant ability to change specialties, facilities, etc. Thanks for the congrats. Good luck to you! Dana
  12. ERRNinMI

    U of D Mercy Accelerated Second Degree

    10s of thousands of dollars in student loans. Unless you are rich, or hit the lotto jackpot I don't see any other way you can do it. This is a program where you can't work much during it, so you have to consider how you will pay your bills and live while you are in the program. I had to take loans out just to live on as well. You can apply for financial aid, but aside from a small grant from the university based on your GPA from your first degree, everything else was loans! Hope that helps!
  13. ERRNinMI

    U of D Mercy Accelerated Second Degree

    I just graduated from this program in May. I was accepted in December 2006 tho. I am sure things have changed since then. I know they now have two cohorts running, one that starts in Winter and one that starts in May. The only negative I would say is that the cost is outrageous. I chose to go there because I was not going to do 80 million different pre-req's for different schools. I have a bachelor's in Healthcare Admin and my GPA was 3.6. I graduated from UDM with my BSN with a 3.6. I just passed boards too. Good luck!
  14. ERRNinMI

    I passed the NCLEX...

    Congrats! I took mine friday and found out today I passed! Wooo! I am one of the lucky ones who has had a GN job since May tho. Keep looking, it is out there!
  15. ERRNinMI

    Jobs for New Grads in Michigan

    I don't think it's just MI who has the hiring problems. It's all over. It's the economy in general that is holding people back + the abundance of people wanting to become nurses now because they think it's going to be a stable career. I got my job as a GN/RN because I was a tech for 3 years prior to finishing school. Just passed boards btw too! I know several people who are graduating in December and I am willing to bet they are going to have a rough time locking down positions, especially because some places won't hire New Grads period. It's a tough market!