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Is it just my facility? No accountabilty, blow offs and the attitude that there is no need to review or acknowledge things that should be corrected. It is disappointing that staff is viewed as trouble makers if they seek answers to these patient care issues. We are not confident that the hotline really is confidential so no one will call. Thanks for reading. Vent done, for now. :D

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I'm sorry that you feel that you aren't being listened too. that sucks. Have you tried talking to your manager and what you think is going well and not so well and how to correct those problems? It makes me mad that they think you guys are trouble makers for advocating for the the patient. Ideally, didn't we all go into the medical field to help others out?

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Nope, it's not just your facility. "Troublemakers" are punished, and everyone walks around scared to say anything that might be construed as not being a "team player." Argh. I do this a lot: :banghead: . Also, I repeat to myself what my Aussie friend says, "Don't let the buggers get ya down." It's become my inner mantra.

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Unfortunately, it's not uncommon

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It is a rare employer that walks and talks like an effective manager. One problem I see is that managers are almost uniformly 30+ year nurses at the end of their careers and think they know what they are doing just because they've been doing it a long time. Their enthusiasm for go-getting is pretty low. If you can find an engaged and competent manager, stay and enjoy it while it lasts.


I have voted with my feet more than once because of toxic managers. I preferred no job to one that gave me migraines and ulcers. It took a while, but eventually one came along that was tolerable.

if any of the issues amount to risk management issues, try the law firm that rep. the hospital....

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