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700php for the Basic Life Support Training.

After the whole day training, you will then be issued a Certificate.

You also have an option to have a valid BLS ID ( valid for a year) by presenting your certificate at the CCNAPI Office.

Visit or

Hope I had the right answers to your questions.


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thanks johnarigo_31. salamat and God bless u

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to OP would you know how long are you going to wait to migrate to vegas? if its less than a year then might as well save your money


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No problem!

Glad to be of help.

God bless US all.


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hi yehs14,

since you are still in phils. get your bls training where there is less cost-since you have to pay for it. just do whatever you need to update every year according to your registration body(PRC) and your employers requirement.

if and when you go will be your employers responsibility to give that training and updates to you.

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