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  1. kingpin

    EMT courses.

    i'll be starting my emt training in LSTI in cubao on january 3, 2011. pm me if any one of you guys are starting on the same date...we'd be batch mates!
  2. kingpin

    EMT Training in Manila

    i'll be starting my training with LSTI early this year. january 3, 2011 to be exact. i am so excited.
  3. im a registered nurse and a 2008 graduate. i dont have any experience yet as a nurse aside from my trainings in hospitals around the metro. anyone here who enrolled in the emt-b training conducted by LSTI? how was it? i will start mine this january 3, 2011. the earlier schedules of training were already fully booked. how was the experience?
  4. kingpin

    share your NLE scores

    85 79 72:p 79 81 = 79.2% Thank you Lord Jesus!
  5. kingpin

    Quezon City General Hospital

    @sugarplum18rn...thanks. nov 2-5. thats two months from now. i better go there myself to see the requirements. God bless you!
  6. kingpin

    Quezon City General Hospital

    hi. i would just like to ask if QC Gen. is accepting nurses for training or volunteer work. i'm from quezon city. i just finished my training in quirino memorial medical center last july, and i'm still waiting for their call because i enrolled in their special area training. i havent recieved a call from them yet. i would like to find a substitute hospital near my place, so that it'll be convenient for me. thanks and God bless to you. Good Vibes! =)
  7. kingpin

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    nurses who have undergone the PNTP training of at AT LEAST A YEAR (plus of course TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION the "PADRINO" or BACKER of that nurse) have the highest chance of getting the job vacancies. all my senior nurses when i was training there all came form the program (Professional Nurses Training Program of QMMC). it's only logical for the QMMC to hire someone who came from their saddle of nurses so that the hired nurse will be used to the policies and practices inside the hospital. hence, the nurses' adjustments are minimal and the institution saves time from training the newly hired nurse
  8. kingpin

    canada immigration family sponsorship help

    thanks silverdragon
  9. kingpin

    canada immigration family sponsorship help

    hi. i would like to ask if i could apply for a permanent residence for my self first then apply for my wife and my daughter once settled in canada? its really hard to put up the money, thats why i was thinking of going there alone first, then try to save ofr the application of my family? thanks
  10. kingpin

    Phillipine Nurses' Bill of Rights

    Republic Act or RA 9173...
  11. kingpin

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    yup there are a lot of hospitals in manila where in you can have training...goodluck
  12. kingpin

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    tron22 is right. before it was not a requirement. i dont have a license in iv insertion but i was able to practice inserting on several patients.
  13. kingpin

    BEST review center for IELTS in MANILA???

    hi everybody. just wanted to ask whats the difference between an ielts test which is academic and general training...could someone shed light on this one...thanks in advance. God bless!
  14. kingpin

    BEST review center for IELTS in MANILA???

    hi jenna18. i went to the link you gave, it says "there are no licenses at the moment"...anyway , i'll be registering with British Council maybe next week. thanks for the tip. God bless you!
  15. kingpin

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    @newmeeh23 most likely yes, you have to wait. we, my batchmates and i had our orientation last april 20, and we came back to start our duty on april 26...
  16. kingpin

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    you will not have your duty right away after orientation and tour

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