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To any of you guys who were like me and HATED clinicals:o

Cheer up! I just graduated in Dec. Clincals were so awful.

And so many nurses would roll their eyes and say, "If you think that's bad, just wait til you work." I was scared to death!

Well, now I'm working in a busy hospital on an oncology floor. The nurses are so nice and treat me with respect (imagine!).

I LOVE my new job. It is so much better than clinicals in EVERY way. :)

There is hope. Hang in there. And don't believe all the negatives.

There are some good hospital jobs out there. :balloons: Nurscee

live4today, RN

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Thanks! Graduation was soooo fun!

And hey, that's one of my favorite verses. God Bless


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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :balloons:

Now, thank you for this post, because I HATE clinicals with a passion. I always think, "If I dread clinicals this much - will I dread my JOB this much someday?" Thanks for giving me some hope!


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Thanks for the words of encouragement! That was nice to hear. :)

Congratulations on graduation and finding a job you love! :balloons:

I, too, am NOT a fan of clinicals.


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Clinicals are NOTHING like real world nursing. I hated every minute of clinicals, but am enjoying being a nurse now. Hang in there, and remember how temporary it all is.

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Congratulations!! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy your job so much! Good for you!

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Thanks Nursee! I needed to read an encouraging post!

Congratulations on your graduation and good luck with your new job :)


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I hate clinicals as well. I can't stand having to research the night before too. Congrats on your new job and graduation!

manna, BSN, RN

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Congratulations! :)


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Congratulations!:balloons::) And thank you so much for this lil tid bit of information. It is sooo comforting and gives me hope!:chuckle


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Just curious...what was it about clinicals that made it such a bad experience for you all?

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