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Totally Amazing Video Interview 99 yr old Nurse!


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Now this will bring tears to your eyes and inspire you!

The article has more information, but watch the video!

Being WWII nurse took courage, skill, Yakima woman says

Naida Hurlburt, a 99-year-old WWII veteran, talks about her life from growing up in the dust bowl of Kansas to working as an Army nurse in North Africa

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I had a great-aunt who was the RN for her rural WI county. She told the story of being nine years old when WWI began, heard that the soldiers needed nurses and decided right then that she was going to be a nurse someday! She retired for the 2nd time at age 76, and at her funeral had her nursing school graduation portrait (in full cap and white dress) framed and sitting on her casket. She was the bulk of the healthcare that most of these people received! She was so proud when I decided to become an RN, and she still is one of my inspirations! :)

Thank you for posting this!

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An amazing generation. Thanks for sharing!

Born before women had the right to vote, this magnificent woman is among the true trailblazers of our profession. She, and those of her generation, built upon the basic foundations of nursing during one of the most volatile periods in American history. They cared for the battlefield injured--maimed, and dying, under horrific conditions--with little to no supplies.

Their courage, ingenuity, and dedication is inspiring. In those who are still among us, we have living national treasures.

What a wonderful video and article. Thank you so much for sharing. :yes:


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Wow, thank you for sharing. Definitely a different generation!


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I thought this thread would be about a woman who is working as a nurse at age 99. This was a little boring, and that lady sounds a bit senile.

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Naida Hurlbert is a lovely and intelligent retired nurse. Her memories were about what the soldiers needed and not about her personal sacrifices. I'm sue they enjoyed her cheerful optimistic spirit.

She seemed so peaceful when she said 'I've had a good life.'

Thank you for sharing this uplifting article and video.


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Very inspiring story, a must watch video! :)