top ten things to do now that I PASSED THE NCLEX

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woo hoooo!!!!!! The years of work have paid off- today I found out I passed.

Which gives me a new to do list: :p :p :p

1) get out the fabric paints and make a T-shirt that says "oh yeah, i passed!"

2) Ceremonially burn all twelve NCLEX study books (or sell them on ebay, depending on my motivation level :balloons: )

3) Practice in front of a mirror saying "I'll be your nurse today" in just the right tone of voice

4) change my bedtime reading from nursing theory to time management!

5) start chipping away at my "to buy when I start getting nursing paychecks" list (first item- espresso machine!)

6) change the tag on my stethoscope to include "RN"

7) Call everyone i know to bug them with the good news

8) Thank all my nurse mentors profusely

9) get a 'nurse supply fanny pack', the best freind of forgetful new grads :chuckle

10) start researching graduate schools- just kidding- I am done with school and studying for a loooong time now!

have a great day y'all, I sure am! :balloons:


suzy253, RN

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Sounds like a plan!!! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations!!!! Love your list!

mom and nurse

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CONGRATULATIONS Eak16!!! I love that list!!! :chuckle


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congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Congratulations!!!! Sounds like a plan. Good luck in your career!

I've been thinking of getting a fanny pack myself now that I'll be taking full patient assignments. (Fanny means vagina in British English and Australian English, just so you know. LOL)

jschut, BSN, RN

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CONGRATS!!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

nursemike, ASN, RN

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yeah, yeah, yeah; whoopty-freakin-do! (who, me? envious? well, anyway congratulations!)

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