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My Nursing 3 class made up t-shirts with the "top 10 nanda labels for nursing students" as a fundraiser. here they are, hope you enjoy them..

1.Depression r/t lack of social stimulation

2.Altered nutrition:more than body requirements r/t late night binges while studying

3.Sleep deprivation r/t staying up all night to write drug cards for clinicals.

4.Anxiety r/t waiting for test results

5.Social Isolation r/t constantly assessing your friends w/fatal diseases.

6.Risk for Injury r/t carrying 100 pounds of nursing textbooks

7.Hopelessness r/t inability to write a care plan correctly

8.Risk for constipation r/t immobility secondary to long hours of studying.

9.Risk for suffocation r/t holding your breath during test review.

10. Chronic confusion r/t student inability to understand the Nursing Instructors.

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That is so funny, and absolutely true! I'm going to share this with my class!

thanks! ;) im sure they'll enjoy them!!


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I really got a kick out of your post. I ran a printed out a copy and showed it to my fundamentals teacher. She laughed. That is what we are working on now. So thanks for the laughs and good luck as you near your graduation!!! :)

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Loved it. I can't wait to share it.


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I would love to have that t-shirt. Your nursing class has a good sense of humor which is what we all need going through these programs!


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I've been out of school a long time (probably graduated before some of you were born) but I'm glad to see some things never change.

In addition we would have had:

Hair Loss R/T wearing those stupid nursing caps

Fear of going out R/T those awful pink striped uniform dresses with the white aprons


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Those are great...I printed them out and put them on my locker at work and on my desk at home.


***Only 30 weeks until I FINALLY have my BSN!!!!--May 4, 2002 here I come!:D ***


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Amen, hallejuah, right on!!!!:yeah:

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Wow! This thread is from 2001! (: Those nursing diagnoses still relate to nursing school a decade later. hehe

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thats too funny I didnt realize until I saw the date the one post was saying they graduate in May 02!

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Fear r/t persistent thoughts of possible failure of a med-surg class at any given moment

Diarrhea r/t anxiety the morning of an exam and/or skills check-off, followed by...

Constipation r/t recent case of diarrhea from anxiety the morning of an exam and/or skills check off...

my bowels will be so happy to see summer vacation

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