Took The NCLEX today!

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By far the most barbaric moment of my life!

I have been studying for the NCLEX for a while; like two months.

I should have given it more time but I had one family emergency pop up after another!

I took the NCLEX today; ALL 265 BLOODY QUESTONS!

I heard all my friends who passed say they were "75 and out!"

Imagine my dismay when I hit # 76

The questions werent as trick as i invisioned them to be; they seemed like things i could have sorted through.

As I was answering the questions I felt a little at ease; but the questions kept comming and comming!

By the time I finished of the 15 desks that were full, I was the 3rd to last to leave the room (7th to enter the room)

I tired doing the PVT-trick and it does not work for me; or maybe I am not doing it right.

I even saw around my FB feed classmates reassuring others that "if you went all the way to 265, you propably didnt do well"

I dont think I have the mental stability to take the NCLEX ... AGAIN!

I have let everyone down; and now the world feels so empty.

first find out if you passed or not. If you did congratz if you did not take a break and then come back swinging hard. I hope you passed though.. you not alone.:nurse:

I took all 265 questions and passed, so don't let what other said about you probably not passing discourage you :)

do the pvt!

i have friends who went all the way to 265 and passed :)

and a lot on all nurses too!

give it a try for the pvt

if things didnt work out, dont give up!!! you will pass and be an RN :)

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