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    A real nurse VS. a "fake" nurse

    The last year has been pretty rough for me. During the winter holidays, I was laid off by my work. Since then I started looking for a new job but it was a bit difficult as I was in the midst of completing my BSN; and every agency wanted to see your degree upfront. I moved back in with my parents, temporarily to save on rent. Fast forward to last week. I was offered a job; but it's not a "real nursing job". It's a job with an insurance agency that involves some field work. This is not like home care; it's more of an "assess and coordinate" thing. At first I was excited because it pays well and I would finally get insurance coverage - however now I am having second thoughts. My ideal goal is to be in a hospital, and emergency room - dealing with real patients, being hands on. I'm afraid that taking on this position will make me look less favorable to hospitals. I am very thankful for the opportunity. I am just not sure if this in an appropriate path. I will finish my BSN this December. Previously, I worked 3.5 years in an outpatient clinic setting. Please let me know if you have any advice; THANKS :)
  2. okredrobot

    RN to BSN online program January 4, 2016

    I could have sword I was the only one who felt this way. I took both NR351 and SOC350. I wish SOC350 was a live class because some days I just felt like hurling a chair at someone. But definitly totally managable.
  3. okredrobot

    Seeking Guidance

    Hey sjmadailey! First and foremost I want to say...OMG CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY! Chamberlain College of Nursing The campus is in Illinois but they have an extremely comprehensive RN-BSN online program. I believe this is the right choice for you. When I applied there, they accepted ~80-90% of my credits from my AAS degree. Their only requirement is that you have an RN license. Trust me I was planning to go to a college in the area since, unlike you I work a "8-4" job (we nurses know what that really means) and I don't have any family or children to support. When I learned about Chamberlain College of Nursing, I was very suspicious about earning a degree online. It is the most comprehensive program I ever took. I wish I got my associates degree here. The professors are very accommodating; student services are always available. They can help you with anything from reviewing a paper to helping with emergency housing and babysitting services (not sure what exactly they do but it's worth a try if you need it). All you really need is an internet connection. In one of my classes I had a lady whose husband was also in the military and was stationed in Paris, France for two years so she was doing the program overseas and it was fairly uncomplicated (as per her own words. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out; email: olga.kelmis@gmail.com
  4. okredrobot

    RN to BSN online program January 4, 2016

    After some trial and error; I'd recommend two classes a semester. Of course that depends on what your schedule is like. For example, I'm single and work full time, so it is pretty manageable for me. If possible, bang out the "liberal-artsy" classes first. Those writing, math, economics, and statistic courses will make you crack your neck (figuratively of course). But in the same vein (how punny)...don't overload yourself. At the end of the day it's better to pass with at least a "C", than running a marathon that you can't win.
  5. okredrobot

    RN to BSN online program January 4, 2016

    Hey Oubrerodeo; I have taken NR351 several semesters ago. It's a fairly simple class. Gets you acquainted with the online community in addition to incorporating some essential nursing competencies. One great thing they will focus on is time management which is crucial when you are taking classes that are online. Trust me; it is too easy to say "Oh I'll do it tomorrow" when you don't physically have to go into class. BEWARE! Classes are 8-weeks long, if you miss a deadline or a week of classwork/homework/project/discussion; your grade will be in jeopardy. Also karmaxpress11; the cultural diversity course is very intensive; prepare to bust out your article researching skills and do a ton of writing. It's all worth it in the end. Other than that; Chamberlain is an incredible college with tons of resources. I wish the school I went to for my AAS degree was this comprehensive. Also; if you need any tips or advice, feel free to reach out, I'd be glad to help you on your journey. Email: olga.kelmis@gmail.com
  6. okredrobot


    Oh NCLEX; if you were a human-being, I would CUT-YOU-UP! The first time I took the exam I got all 265 questions. IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE. I remember that as soon as I passed question #75, I started to panic! As soon as I left I just knew I didn't pass. There was no string of hope to hold on to. I didn't want to do the Pearson trick because I just had a gut feeling. Low behold; I failed. I just took the NCLEX the second time around. I think this was worse than the first one. Most of my questions were tricky; like priority, "who do you call back first", "who do you teach", "what do you delegate", and many select all that apply questions. Similarly I had a few easy questions. After question #75 the computer shut down. I remember the last few questions were hard. I left the testing center conflicted. And then I made my mistake! It was 2 hours post-exam and I did the Pearson trick and it went all the way though. It let me sign up for another exam. I cant have a single ounce of peace. I cant imagine that I did so poorly; did I? I cant imagine taking this god forsaken test AGAIN!!!!!
  7. okredrobot

    Took The NCLEX today!

    By far the most barbaric moment of my life! I have been studying for the NCLEX for a while; like two months. I should have given it more time but I had one family emergency pop up after another! I took the NCLEX today; ALL 265 BLOODY QUESTONS! I heard all my friends who passed say they were "75 and out!" Imagine my dismay when I hit # 76 The questions werent as trick as i invisioned them to be; they seemed like things i could have sorted through. As I was answering the questions I felt a little at ease; but the questions kept comming and comming! By the time I finished of the 15 desks that were full, I was the 3rd to last to leave the room (7th to enter the room) I tired doing the PVT-trick and it does not work for me; or maybe I am not doing it right. I even saw around my FB feed classmates reassuring others that "if you went all the way to 265, you propably didnt do well" I dont think I have the mental stability to take the NCLEX ... AGAIN! I have let everyone down; and now the world feels so empty.
  8. okredrobot

    what are you doing during the break?

  9. okredrobot

    NCLEX prep dilemma

    Dear Community, I am graduating Nursing School in 3 weeks! However, I am in a dilemma; how to prepare for the NCLEX. My school has a special contract with KAPLAN. Originally the price was $399 (with the special school discount), afterwards they took off an extra $100, and finally the head of our Nursing Department offered to pay $50 for each graduate student towards their KAPLAN. Meaning its going to be $250. I don't know if it is worth taking; many people say it didn't help them or a waste of money while other people swear by it. Can you give me your advice :)
  10. I just finished my 3rd semester of nursing. So weird how during the semester we dream of the day where we don't have to study. Now that school is out for summer I feel like i need to do something with myself. I have this app on my iPhone NCLEX-RN Quiz Card System. It is really helpful; i literally do it whenever I have a free second. I am sure there are other apps and books. Just keep reviewing, keep answering questions, and review those rationales! Like the famous saying "if you throw a plethora of things on the wall...something is bound to stick" =)
  11. oh gosh the memories I ended up failing my first nursing semester. The really odd thing though was that in the class we had 5 exams. In the first I was a couple of points away from passing, the second I totally bombed, the third i passed, and the 4th and 5th I did really well on. Still I was walking into the final with a failing average. Oddly enough I got one of the highest grades on the final. BUT IMAGINE THIS....I was exactly one question short of passing the class. HOW EPIC WAS THAT? I felt horrible, stayed in my room for like a month, almost turned into a caveman...[woman]. But one day I just slapped some sense into myself...picked up the pieces and returned to class the following semester to repeat the course (we are only allowed to repeat a course once at my school). Overall in a weird way, I am kinda glad that I failed because it helped me improve my knowledge, skills, and overall mindset of nursing. So remember whenever one door closes, another one is sure to open
  12. Its only your 2nd clinical experience; don't bend yourself out of shape. Everything comes with experience. For example, in my first semester I was in a nursing home. I was assigned to a client to do wound care. This was my first time doing wound care on an actual patient, so I was pretty nervous. When I came into the room, it was this irate man who kept yelling and cursing at me. To make matters worse, he spoke Russian...so I could understand him but my professor didn't. I was so nervous, I finished as fast as I could and bolted out of the room ASAP. I thought I did a good job until my professor walks out of the room holding the medicated patch that I was supposed to put on the wound [THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF HIS WOUND CARE]. I felt like an epic failure. But as a few semesters went by I got the hang of things and now i can do wound care in the most strangest situations and never forget a thing. Practice makes perfect! P.S. fling your wrist when you give an injection, it always does the trick. If you have your landmarks correct you won't hurt the patient.
  13. okredrobot

    What was your first speechless moment?

    Oh, I had plenty of interesting moments with patients; but one clinical in Psych beat out all the rest. This was my first official psych clinical. I was speaking to this one boy who was a few years younger than me. As we are taught in psych; we are supposed to not just "shoot the breeze" with them but have an actual therapeutic conversation with them. So we keep talking and the conversation is deep and excellent! I think in my head "wow, I am really good at this". Then we come to this point where we discussed his issue's and I try to find out about his coping mechanisms. So I reply "Can you tell me about how you deal with your problems?". Patient replies "I, masturbate".... [then he gives me a really straight look and tells me] "Don't think about it." NOW SEE....if this was said to me anywhere other than a psych ward...I would have had the perfect comeback, I am sure. But because I was on the psych ward...I had to use theraputic communication. What was I going to say? "You masturbate? How does it make you feel when you masturbate." AGHHHHHH! Nonetheless, he was a very receptive patient. He still follows me when I am on the floor though...
  14. okredrobot

    How do you manage the stress?

    This might sound a little crazy. But sometimes when I am well over my head with nursing school, work, life, etc....I put my BOSE noise-canceling headphones on (gift- too poor to afford such extravagant headphones) and I crank up the music to MAX and dance away; whether its at 2pm or 2am. Always seems to do the trick for me
  15. okredrobot

    Just for fun ;)

    YESSS!!!! I LOVE IT!