took NCLEX today! i need support =(

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Hello! i've come to allnurses all the time but this is actually my first time posting. I just took the nclex this morning! I started at like 725-730 and got out around 830. I got 77 questions with a couple SATA, one drag and drop, lots of med i didn't know..a couple of ped (maybe i was getting them wrong) and a few OB! Im so worried right now..i felt like i knew NOTHING on the exam and that i guess on everything!! eek. I'm all teary :cry: and i refused to try to pearson trick!!

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Believe me when I say many feel like you do when they did the test. Best thing even if a bit hard is to try and relax whilst you wait for your results. Good luck


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thank you~ ill try hanging on


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Don't worry, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I took the test today as well and it shut off after 75 questions. My weakest area is Pharm. and it seemed like every other question was a pharm questions! I felt like I wasn't 100% sure on any of the questions and I was guessing alot.

I am reassured to know that everyone says they feel this way. But right now I am a nervous wreck! We just have to have faith and believe in ourselves! Everyone feels this way, and it is COMPLETELY normal. Just know that the odds of passing are in your favour! Good Luck to you!!!


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ah~ i totally understand how your feeling. I feel like i did so bad that the computer shut off on me. BUT like you said..let have faith!! goood luck to you too Christy73 ;)


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Good Luck

This is what I was told from a friend that helps write NCLEX RN test questions. If you had a low number of

questions then the probability that you passed is 92.5%.

The more questions you get the worse that you are doing, If you get alot of questions then 1) you have already failed or 2) The max # of questions has already been given to you and there is no possibility for passing.

If you studied and felt confident going it then you passed. But I do understand if you say that when you left you really have no clue on how you did. I felt the same way when I took mine 3 years ago.

Good luck update us with the results

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I took my NCLEX today too, and felt the exact same way walking out of the testing center. Mine shut off at 75, and I also felt like every other question was on pharm (which is also my weakest area)... and I found myself guessing for the most of these questions. I'm also a nervous wreck right now, and not sure if I'm ready to receive my result... but let's definitely have faith and hope for the best! Good luck to everyone!


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thanks for all the support everyone!! and good luck to you chris RN2B! i did feel like i was aqequately prepared but after i got the first question my mind just went blank...and I tthe survey at then lets just say I was completely a nervous wreck when your answering the questions so i wonder if it helps them!! :icon_roll ANWAYS good luck to the july 8th testers I know I need it..


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My Nclex tests also shut off @ exactly 75 questions on yesterday and my big day is tomorrow for my results. For some odd reason, I am hearing about the Pearson trick but I can't do it. God is whispering in my ear to wait on him, so I hope that gives you some encouragement because as they say, "Good things come to those who wait." Trust and beleive me I know it's hard but try to find something to distract you as I am trying to do until tomorrow or until you get your results.:icon_hug:


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Well I took mine on Monday and felt the exact same way. My computer shut off at 85 questions and I thought to myself, how could I have bombed it so bad?!?!? But I tried the trick and it worked for me. Got my passing results today :) I trust you did well, but keep us updated. Majority feel this way leaving the test center. I'll pray for you!


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Good luck to everyone preparing to test and to those who are awaiting results.

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