Took nclex today feel horrible


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honestly my exam was ALL over the place! I studied forever and I still had questions that confused me. Just know your prioritization I would say that is the most important and also there was a LOT on infection control (types of isolation, PPE, etc)


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I'm taking it next month and I'm SUPER nervous... What should I focus on? Any pointers?

Know Psych!!!!!

monie: if your delivery was successful, that is the good pop!! you passed!! congrats... to answer your other questions some states say person passed, some states just say this person has already tested, please contact BON, another registration can not be made!! you PASSED! congrats

you are so welcome,, i took the boards feb 25th and felt exactly like you did.... i also got the same exact message you did!!! please relax.... RN BABY!!!! whoo hooo!!! lol

I PASSED! yay the pop-up did work for me!!!



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I PASSED! yay the pop-up did work for me!!!


CONGRATS :hrnsmlys: