Took the NCLEX RN on Monday, now still cant sleep

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Hi everyone! I am new here and I just discovered the site the day I took my exam. I took my NCLEX RN exam last Monday, 23 February, in Cali and still have no clue as to the results. I decided to post because I feel that you guys are doing a wonderful job of uplifting people's feelings. I too, like many others stopped at 75. and again, like many others, i aint sure if i passed. This is really eating me because I get chills every night and no matter how sleepy I am, I could just not get myself to sleep. Its so terrible. I tried calling the CA-BRN but all I was told was to wait 10-20 days for the letter in the mail because the website is not a reliable source and that I may or may not see my name there even if I passed. I dont know if I still can make it through the 10th day. This is so depressing.. Excuse me for throwing these all on you

We have the same feeling,i took my exam yest and stopped at around 130 since then can't concetrate,tried distracting myself with others things but i can't put out in my mind about the test. I'm too eager to know if i failed or pass but i just keep on praying that hopin' i made it. Goodluck to both of us!

I took mine on Feb 16, we have the same feeling. Its kind of frustrating sometimes, but we just have to wait patiently. God is so great! Hope that we made it!

God bless...

Keep praying!

God bless!

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Unfortunately you can't do anything to hurry the BRN up, I am sure applications etc are high. All you can do now is give them time to process your file along with everyone else.

hang in there and good luck

Wishing you good luck.

THank you all. I have checked the site again just now but my name aint up. Well yeah, God is good. We will make it guys so let us hang on to our faith.

I took the NCLEX-RN on Tuesday the 24th in Anaheim, Ca. Like you I got 75 questions. I dont know if I passed or not, but I do know that I answered a lot of questions right!! I heard you can check online at then click on the blue tab that says online services, then click on the boards online verification system link, then type your name in. Its a public record. A bunch of my friends that passed said they saw their name on the link within 3-5 days of taking the test. I keep checking but still havent seen my name, you should give it a try! God Bless!:nurse:

Wow, congratulations, I believe you have passed the nclex, or if you remember the last question you had and know you answered it right, then you most likely passed

Thank Annskialot for that tip, I will definitely check it out..

And thank you StrikerRN , though I do not remember what my last question was. Its night time, Im gonna get chilly in about 2 hours plus Im gonna be a zombie all night. Oh well, thanks to On Demand =)

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Be aware that we have many Ca members still waiting t see their name on the site many days after sitting the exam. Ca now state can take 2-4 weeks to get results so don't assume anything until you get them

Good luck

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