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Took the NCLEX exam but no result due to expired lvn application

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Hi good day everybody, I'm seeking advice for my situation. Trying to get my license as lvn here at California using paid experience or challenging board exam. I took my lvn NCLEX exam last may, 2017. Prior to that I was able to took it last 2015. It's been more than 3 months as of day I havent receive my result, for that reason keep calling the board to know what happen? Unfortunately they told me my application was been abandoned! And my result will go to waste. I really can't believe so I called Pearson vue was going. They said last dec of 2016 I still have active application and the date I request to take the board will be good and approve me to take it. So I got my att and took the test. I trying to get more information from the bvnpt but I only got is since my last test on 2015 and my recent test 2017 is more than two years and by law they said if more than two years is considered abandoned. It still confuse me because after I got the result last 2015 that I failed the exam i didn't pass the retake application immediately meaning to say it should be less than two years but operator is telling me they counting it day after I took my exam last 2015, is this something right? I'm very sorry is I'm not making sense. I've been down not being myself for the pass days due to this problem. But all thank you in advance everyone

Please help thank you

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The board of vocational nursing has the final say. If the CA nursing laws state there is nothing they can do since you waited 2 years to retest and therefore your application is abandoned there is nothing we can do to help. You need to reactivate your application or re-apply for a license. Very expensive lesson

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I'm going to take a solid guess that there's a language issue in play here. Maybe you're not understanding what they are saying, maybe they are not understanding you. If you have documentation to show what happened and when, drive to the BON and speak with someone in person. Might be a better option than asking random people on this website as nothing we say matters in the least anyway. It's up to the BON to make the decision here, go talk to them.