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Took nclex 2day, too nervous to check the trick


Hello everyone,

I took the exam today, got around 10 SATA, couple meds, 1 math, 2 pics, a lot of priority!!

Im not sure how I did, I got out it there crying!!

I'm too nervous to check the Pearson trick...





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CHECK IT!!!!!..... on the bright side it could relieve you to know you passed.... Im sure you prepared well for it. Just pray or you can wait for the 2 days...:up:

Im one who is anxious so I'd check it :shy:

I honestly do want to check so I don't have to make myself go thru this... But then again I DON'T KNOW!!!

I studied Saunders n little bit of ncsbn. I was getting help from a tutor. This wasn't my first time taking this exam, so that y each time it's more nerve racking!!!


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I'd say go for it and check it!! I did when I took NCLEX. Its quick and true.

I checked it says results not ready n asked for credit card!! So I guess that means I failed :"(

I checked it says results not ready n asked for credit card!! So I guess that means I failed :"(

Yes u did

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It should say "Delivery successful." Check again.

I ddnt pass I'm soo devastated! I just don't know what to do!

dont be stress out yet. wait for official result. you did your best. i know how you feeling this time . dont give up. how was your score in practice with NCSBN ? how many questions you had? i am asking becaz i want to make my appointment for EXAM, i want to take before april. i heard exam will get more difficult. please tell me how you were preparing for exam. how much was you score in saunder?

I had 75 questions on d exam, abut 10 SATA, couple meds, 2 pics. I actually just studied from Saunders n scores would be in. 50s/60s. Ncsbn I bought 2 weeks ago I did some questions from each module but ddnt complete it as I ddnt have time. I had downloaded Kaplan app on d iPhone n it had some 150questions n I got 61% on that.

Good luck to u. I just don't know what to do from here I'm completely lost!