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i took my exam last march 4, 2016

by hi_jes20 hi_jes20 (New) New

pls help me, i took my exam last march 4, 2016 and i tried the trick for pearson vue and it say this Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.

what does it mean? is it a good sign?

There are topics about the Pearson Vue trick on this site ad nauseam. That being said, I got the same notice and I passed.

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Nclex is graded twice, it would be more accurate if you do the pvt post 24 hours since taking the test. Good luck


That usually means you passed - I have heard the PVT is reliable. I personally never tried it because I don't trust it but either way, you would have to find out your results in a valid way either by quick results or however your state informs you. You can do it! I promise you the wait is so worth it.

yes i checked it after 24 hrs.. i took on march 4, 2016 @ 0830 amand i tried the trick on march 6 at 12 am..

thanks, pearson vue trick works for me.. thank you guys.. I PASS and now i am USRN already