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  1. bluebirdflyx

    New charge nurse - needing advice!

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. There are lights above the doors, and at one desk you can see on the paging system what room is calling, but from a majority of the seats unless you get up you cannot see which room it is. I will start being more vocal about delegation. I'm new to this role and in addition I still work the floor so I have to work alongside everyone. I think before the next shift starts I will have a huddle and tell everyone up front they need to step up their game and help distribute the workload.
  2. bluebirdflyx

    New charge nurse - needing advice!

    I guess I should clarify that from the nurse's station we only have a visual on a few rooms. Often times when a light starts ringing no one can see what room it's coming from so it makes it difficult to direct a particular nurse. At this point it seems to become a standoff to see who is going to get up and see who's calling.
  3. bluebirdflyx

    New charge nurse - needing advice!

    I would appreciate some feedback on how to get nurses to help answer call lights. I work on a med-surg/oncology floor. I alternate working both the floor and also as charge nurse. Our ratio is typically 5-6 and we have 1-2 CNAs. We have a paging system at the UC desk so we can page back into the room and ask the patient what they need. If the UC is not at the desk (they leave at midnight) and a call light goes off, I have a select few RNs and some CNAs who WILL NOT get up and answer the light. They will not go to the phone to what the patient needs nor will they go directly to the room. I mean they will not budge from their seats. Whether or not it's their patient doesn't seem to factor in, they will let them go and go. It doesn't seem to be an RN vs. CNA problem; it is made very clear at our facility that answering call lights is everyone's responsibility, but some of these people turn into Helen Keller the second an IV starts beeping or a call bell rings. I am not referring to nurses who are busy with other patients, reviewing orders, calling docs, or any of the other tasks that bog us down. I am talking about nurses who are sitting at the nurse's station playing on their phones, talking with other nurses, etc. I feel they are blatantly taking advantage of those of us who cannot sit by while the lights and alarms go off as they know we'll answer them eventually. It's not an option ignore the lights in return because only the patients will suffer. Does anyone have any advice on how to facilitate a change and get these nurses off their behinds?
  4. bluebirdflyx

    Health Unit Coordinator/CNA

    You should apply for a regular CNA position. Often times those CNAs will get cross-trained to work as Unit Coordinators and from there it will be easier to move into a full time UC position.
  5. bluebirdflyx

    What is your work routine?

    ^^ I do the same thing as Peihan - come in a little early and get ready. If for some reason I can't come in early that day I'll still take at least a minute or two to look through the chart for some key things I'll need to know for report such as labs or vitals that are out of whack, overdue meds, or STAT orders. I try to catch anything I'll need to address right away or clarify with the off-going nurse. I've gotten pretty fast at clicking through those few screens with the pertinent info. When (and if) I have time to look through the chart I will read the H&P, the consultation notes, and then skip ahead to that days notes. You can get a picture of where the patient started and where they are now. If they've been in for several days I don't normally read through each days note unless I'm looking for something specific.
  6. Truthfully the NCLEX was the easiest test I took in nursing school. Probably because they prepped us so much for it, but there was so much hype and so much build up that when I finally finished it my thoughts were "THAT was it????" I took it with two friends and we were all finished within 45 minutes. We used Hurst and Kaplan and I felt the combo of the two programs was very successful.
  7. bluebirdflyx

    should I rent or buy these books?

    Definitely rent. Aside from an assessment book and a lab book I occasionally refer to I have never used my nursing school books. I spent a lot of money on them and now I can't give them away. Literally. Nobody will take them because now they're old editions.
  8. bluebirdflyx

    Doing away with Scrubs

    That's a good point. Who is going to work all day in flats or wedge heels? Wearing sneakers or clogs with dress pants would look ridiculous.
  9. bluebirdflyx

    Trivial detail! Littmann Stethoscope Colors

    I'm a raspberry girl myself.
  10. bluebirdflyx

    New nurse

    I haven't tried myself but I've known a few nurses now who've made the transition easily. One into pediatrics and the others into med surg. I guess it just depends! Some of our local hospitals will still put you through the new grad program if you haven't had any hospital experience, even if you're 1-2 years into home health.