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Took exam. For second time

Took exam for second time I got 205 questions and failed. I re took today and shut off at 85. Tried and got good pop up.

Also should note got bad pop up before I got quick results on first try. Just having trouble believing it is true

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Welcome, and congratulations on passing! For some people two times is a charm.

Hope good news! how did you prepare? any advise how did you approach NCLEX questions?

I studied different combinations of exam cram. Exclusively. I after failing the test became disenchanted with ATi That was used with my course. I just feel study the guide made by Pearson it is thier questions and they give the test. I felt much more prepared

Just found out I passed. It can be done. Second attempt minimum questions. Please people don't give up.

Congratulations:yes: I passed for the first time. Was using ATI , Saunders and free phone apps. I made the notes, for the pharm especially, and study them. I made a lot of questions.Especially closer to the test.

hi im so confused with the pvt trick.. do i have to hit "submit order"? to know if you will get the good pop up?


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