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I am in nursing school and not much time left to graduate and there has been drama between a couple of women. ,I stayed out of the drama with these people still trying to call me everyday after school and talking to me during a lunch break about how they hate the other so much other nasty spiteful talk. After a clinical one girl spreads a rumor and stupid lil me jumps on the band wagon and tells the other student to be careful and stop telling your business out loud. Surprise surprise should have taken my own advice , because everything comes back on me and I am the bad person and made to be seen as this mean person. But, I should have not said anything at all and we all get together and start trying to resolve these issues and move on , but I feel so defeated , because I should have not got involved and I am the bad person in their eyes which they all agree upon and they forgot that they were the ones plotting to get one another expelled and force them to drop out.... Any advice on what to do and where to go? I don't want these girls to say she said this and that and I get expelled ...

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Keep your head down, stay out of the drama, graduate, and move on.

Thank you.... I tried and the girl who the rumor was about keeps coming to me crying and accusing me. Her business was told out in the public and they keep trying to have get togethers to talk about all this.. I just want to move on, but afraid if the Director of program gets involved after telling people in the past to move forward we can all get expelled


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Stop caring about what other people think about you. Just do you.

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It's so nice being a male nurse... *snort* Sorry couldn't help it.


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You have to stop talking to these people. It's really is that simple. If you get in trouble for participating in spreading rumors, you'll deal with that when it comes (i.e. own up to it). In the meantime, pretend like those people don't exist and focus on graduating from nursing school.

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I tried and the girl who the rumor was about keeps coming to me crying and accusing me.

Be polite, and calm, but if she comes up to you tell her that you are not going to discuss this and walk away. My favorite saying covers your situation...not my circus, not my monkeys. Don't have a get together to talk about this. It serves no purpose other than to generate more drama. Do not engage. Remember, no one makes you do or say anything. If you do not want to be involved, then don't be involved.

Thank you everyone for the comments. I enjoyed the advice which I am using. Best of wishes xoxo