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Too Much Competition!


I might be going out on a limb here

but I must say that there is way too much

competition to getting into nursing

school. I noticed in my A&P classes

about 95% were nursing majors and

I just have to wonder truely why

so many people want to be nurses.

I may sound frustrated now maybe I

am but the challenge is increasing

to get into any program as more and

more people decide to apply. I was

just lucky to be accepted by a local

LTC facility to do CNA training and

get a job as many nursing homes and

schools are full with people to go into

this field. I only hope to improve my

gpa taking these last few classes

as so many people have 3.7-4.0 gpa's

Ive made it so far and at times I want to

throw in the towel.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Why do so many people want to be nurses? Because the media and even nursing schools keep playing up the only existing in certain areas nursing shortage. Nursing is advertised as a recession proof, well paying profession with your pick of jobs. Not entirely true, especially in areas saturated with new grads hunting for jobs.

As for the competition, well, I view that as a good thing. I want the best taking care of me when I need nursing care myself. It's not foolproof as there will be those who slip through, and it's not easy for potential nursing students, but we do deal with people's lives.


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Let the competition fuel you to get the best grades that you can. Trust me nothing feels better than being in a class of 70+ people and being one of the top students. As for so many people attempting to become nursing students I do believe that many pursue the field because of the lucrative job field rather than actually wanting to make a difference in the lives of those they give care to (trust me, I've seen an endless amount of college students who ended up changing their majors from nursing without so much as a whim because their grades weren't high enough rather than trying to get in elsewhere.) Just take care of your own grades and gathering some good experience on your resume and all will call into place :)

Thanks for that advice that was very

reassuring. Am beginning CNA training

in my local LTC facility on Monday super

excited! This will give me the solid

foundation to my nursing skills. My employer

is super great they offer so much including

tuition reimbursement. I will continue to achieve

the highest grades possible and nothing less.

Im aiming for a 3.6 gpa or above when I apply.

I will be working 10:30p-6:30a 5 days a week

every other weekend and holiday, but I know

once nursing school begins I have to cut back.

Again thanks for your advice.


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I think making nursing so competitive is a positive thing for potential students. Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, but the ones who push through the envelope and put in the effort of making good grades, seeking out references, getting experience really earn it. I'd want a nurse who knows what they are doing instead of a mediocre nurse with no passion. Try your best and focus on you and your education, you'll get in!

Nursing school is competitive for a reason, there are lives at stake. You need to have the absolutely best minds you can get. The gpa average for my class was a 3.7. I also want to say in retrospect getting into the program was really the easy part. It's graduating that's rough. My class started off with 60 students. 24 will graduate with me in two weeks. It's a great journey and absolutely worth it but there is a reason for it being the way that it is.