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  1. Kystudentrn

    New nurse

    I've been doing some relief charging here lately and I've come across a small issue. We have a new nurse who used to be an aid on the floor. I know the other aids mistreated him a bit when he was an aid but he never really said anything. Fast forward now and I'm getting reports from the aides that he's been rather hateful to them and over delegating. Personally I have not seen this and to be honest I can kinda see where he's coming from but do I have an obligation to report this to the director or should I just let it go.
  2. Kystudentrn

    Working in LTC. New Grad.

    I can only speak for my area. LTC gets a bad rap. My instructors in nursing school never really even spoke about that environment. It was very much implied that if you couldn't get a job in an acute setting then you could try LTC. It was viewed as a last ditch effort for employment.
  3. Kystudentrn

    CNA License

    Where I am they are certified and are in no way considered licensed. Only Lpns and RNs are considered licensed professionals.
  4. Kystudentrn

    Do you find some RNs to be needy?

    I was answering as a nurse regardless your intended audience. I put myself through nursing school working as an aide so I can definately understand where some of them are coming from. There are nurses who will not assist with adls in any way. There are nurses who the aides barely hear from as well. Now are there times when delegation is necessary? Of course there are. However, are there nurses who abuse this? Absolutely. I would tell the op just do the best you can with what you have.
  5. Kystudentrn

    Do you find some RNs to be needy?

    I am a nurse. I am well aware of what responsibilities nurse has. Yes, some nurses are needier then others.
  6. Kystudentrn

    What does CNA do, exactly?

    I'm not going to sugar coat it for you. The job sucks. I was a Cna for a little over three years while in school. I would say my average day consisted of mostly butt wiping, bathing, butt wiping, vital signs, more butt wiping, possibly feeding and then again yes, more butt wiping.
  7. Kystudentrn

    "I don't know why she has to get such a lowly job just to be a nurse"

    Alright I have a different take on this. Being a Cna had absolutely no bearing on my acceptance into nursing school. I'm not saying that's the case everywhere but for me it was not a factor. I'm mixed on recommending a Cna position to anyone. The job is horrible and the pay is even worse. You have the least respect of anyone in the hospital and the nurses have a tendency to speak to you like you're a 5 year old. In fact when I graduated I was offered a position on the same floor where I worked as an aide and extern but I turned it down and was given a different floor. I had no desire to work with condescending people who's attitudes suddenly changed because I graduated. That being said you do learn about the basics of nursing care. I wouldn't recommend it but it's up to you.
  8. Kystudentrn

    How to get more pay as CNA

    Where I am only licensed staff can go to acls. I was a Cna in a hospital while going to nursing school and they did pay a little more then ltc but not much. The only way to raise your pay, is go to nursing school.
  9. Kystudentrn

    CNA=Poop cleaner?!

    It depends on what you're doing. I'd be tickled pink if you are helping with vitals, getting the room set up, getting supplies for the pt, etc... I do get irritated when cnas/techs try to be nurses. Mainly because it's my butt on the line not yours.
  10. Kystudentrn

    CNA Night Shift...housekeepers?

    I agree with the fact that cnas are not licensed. I never understood why they aren't considered professionals.
  11. Kystudentrn

    Annoying CNA

    When I was an aide I did what hookyarnandablanket did. If there was an abnormality I notified the nurse, charted such, and called it done. if you start making a habit of calling out your nurses you're just asking for trouble. At best you'll find your self on a different floor and more likely you'll find yourself at a different job.
  12. Kystudentrn

    Why so rude?

    I've seen the cna vs rn battle a million times. Mostly in ltc but that was just my experience.
  13. Kystudentrn

    As a CNA, What Was Your Starting Pay? 2015

    I meant to say I am an rna
  14. Kystudentrn

    As a CNA, What Was Your Starting Pay? 2015

    4 years ago as a Cna in a ltc they started me at 7.35. At the hospital I started a 9.46. When I became an nurse extern it got bumped to 11.70. I'm not an RNA (haven't taken nclex yet) making 18 and I bump to 24 once I take test.
  15. Kystudentrn

    What are you allowed to do?

    I think this is the third or fourth time I've heard about issues between housekeeping and cnas.
  16. Kystudentrn


    I'd check into ltc but as far as a hospital goes that's very unlikely. It may depend on the facility. Ours will hire students as pcas unless they are in their last year. At that point they can hired in as a nurse extern. However one of the stipulations at ours was you had to work at least 1 shift per week or resign your position. They absolutely want to hire students and essentially grow their own nurses but at the same time they need you to work as well. They've been burned by students too many times. Then you have people that have worked full time plus the entire time through nursing school