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hello cardiac-rn does lourdes have a wait list for bsn.


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Wait lists have been around since the 60's. I waited 2 years, took pre-req's and worked as LPN. If you want it bad enough the wait is no big deal.

Newmom: I would call Admissions at Lourdes and find out from them. They are pretty helpful there.

I go to Mercy and graduate in May (Finally!). I couldn't help but laugh at the comment about Mercy having tough requirements and the curriculum being difficult! Here's the option: go to a school with higher standards and learn more, or go to an easier school and be totally unprepared when you get into the field (not saying UT is bad, so no attacking me :chair:). I mean, it IS people's lives we're dealing with right?

Any nursing school is tough. Just hang in there and remember that you will have a very limited social life for the next couple of years :wink2:


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hello cardiac-rn does lourdes have a wait list for bsn.

not that I am aware of. are you looking for rn-bsn completion or basic bsn? b/c there is no waitlist to start taking your general classes- but you won't be admitted to the nursing major/ start nursing classes until the required classes are out of the way.

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