Told to get a rolling backpack. Recommendations?


Looking for a easy to roll, and carry upstairs backpack for school. Any recommendations?


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Jansport Driver 8.

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I would be sure to get a bag with spinning wheels. The bags seem to flow better than the ones with the oneway wheels. I see a lot of students with pure luggage. Thank goodness I have my ipad. All my textbooks are on my ipad. The only books I have to carry are my skills checklist book, physical assessment handbook, and the drug book. I bought the ipad for that very reason. There was no way I was rolling or carrying those heavy books for 2 years. I also bought a note taking app and a document scanner app for my ipad. I looooove it. My notes are so organized. I scan all the papers and handouts they give me and don't have to haul them after that. I scan them and add them to my note taking app where I can take notes on them. I can write and type in my note taking app, which is great because we often have to draw things in lab. The note taking app also has the ability to record my lectures while I take notes. You can tap the note at any point and the recording will go to the part of the lecture you were listening to when you were writing that particular note.



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Why do people use a rolling backpack when they will not wear their clinical shoes into their house? That dirt still gets on the backpack.

I use a sandpiper of CA large bugout bag and I love it. Boyfriend is former military and got it cheap.



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I use the Olympia rolling shopper. I love it! $20 at Tj Maxx, but they do sell it online.

It's big and open (don't like having a lot of compartments because most of my stuff is BIG and rolls great. It's held up 4xs as long as the $30 rolling bag I bought at Wal-Mart with no signs of breaking.



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I also bought a black jansport driver on amazon. Great price and I love it. It has a jansport warranty which is great too! It fits everything and is smooth rolling. It is a pain when it rains and you have to carry it on your back it is bulky but it is easy to swap to backpack mode.