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To March Grads: Why is Graduation so Expensive?


I know people who have the following expenses related to graduation:

Last week of duty canceled for "practice": Cost? 4,500P.

Graduation ceremony: Cost? 3,500P.

Gala uniform: Cost? 500P.

Pictures/Yearbook: Cost? 1,500

Approximate costs:10,000 pesos. (about $225USD)


Why do you think the cost of graduation in the Philippines is so expensive/extravagant?

Do you think it is important to spend a rather large percentage of your family income on a four hour ceremony?

Did you know that the cost of graduating in the Philippines actually exceeds the cost of graduating in countries like the US and Canada in many schools?

Also, that the graduation ceremony is mandatory in most cases, either officially, or implied. 10,000 pesos is probably a month salary or better for most families in the Philippines. Unbelievable. You wouldn't see many grads in the US coughing up $3,000-$4,000USD for graduation fees.

I would love to hear some reaction to this. Is this happening in your school? How do you feel about it?

gwafuh_rn, BSN, RN

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I graduated last 2007.All we paid was the graduation fee,rental for the toga and our yearbook which we havent gotten yet.hehe!! We already finished our cases before the practice of graduation and girls dont need to pay for their gala.

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

Has 41 years experience.

Student where I teach have to pay about $300, this includes their application fee for the license. My kids had to pay graduation fee and had to pay extra money for the diploma itself.

It does sound excessive, especially if you didn't know about it before you enrolled. The good news is that you are graduating.


The school knows it's the last time they will be able to dig into your pockets before you leave

They did the same thing to my fiance when she graduated.

i agree with red ranger, its their last chance to squeeze money out from you ;p

over-all cost for a graduating student here (including tuition fee) is near 50 thousand pesos! goodness!


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Wow! Very expensive indeed. I didn't have the same problem. I think I spent 1400 Php all-in-all. That's for government-funded universities.

It really depends on the school. This is business. Plain and simple explanation.

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