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To the family of Daytonite....


I can't tell you how much her postings her on Allnurses have helped me so far during my first semester in nursing school. I have read through almost all of her care plan posts and when I searched for her name one day I came across the announcement that she had passed away. If any of you who knew her and loved her still browse the site I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for sharing her with us! She is still making a huge difference in my life today!

madwife2002, BSN, RN

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A lovely posting we all miss her but to know she is still making a difference in students lives even today is a tribute to her

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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Thanks so much for the wonderful message. Daytonite - Joyce is still greatly missed. She took a tremendous amount of time and effort to help our students. It was always her wish to help!

I agree, her posts have helped me alot and her gentle nature with nursing students is to be commended. We lost an amazing teacher and resource.

I continue to miss her and am saddened every time I come across one of her always helpful posts.


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Her posts helped me tremendously when i was in "scary" med-surg class. When i passed Nclex-RN she was the first person who came to mind when i was thanking Allnurses.com for helping me through nursing school. She will be missed. RIP

to this day, whenever i see a homework question on the gen'l nsg forum, i still envision joyce coming along, and encouraging poster to join student forums.

and, answering said question...

much to the chagrin of 'us', who tell them to do it themselves.:yeah:

she still lives on. :redbeathe


Thank you all! I just hope she knew how appreciated she was!