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Maeva002 specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. Maeva002

    To the family of Daytonite....

    Her posts helped me tremendously when i was in "scary" med-surg class. When i passed Nclex-RN she was the first person who came to mind when i was thanking Allnurses.com for helping me through nursing school. She will be missed. RIP
  2. Maeva002

    The 1st check as an rn....yay!!! Or nay!!

    Graduated in Dec 09, Passed nclex on March 10 2010. Started my new RN job in May my first pay check was sure YYYYAAAYYYYYY. big difference between 15/hr and 40/hr. I did thank GOD the almighty for his Grace. My thought was that all those sleepless nights were so worth it.
  3. Maeva002

    Need some encouragement

    I graduated in Dec 09, passed the NCLEX in March. I'll start my first rn job in May. I did not go to HR with my application, i went directly to the Nursing department and was lucky enough to get hired.
  4. Maeva002

    Pregnant in Nursing School....

    When i first started Nursing School in the Fall of 2006, i found out that i was pregnant in the second month of the semester. I already had a 3 years old son at home. I was wondering if i should drop and come back after my daughter was born. People were telling me how hard it would be to go through this. Thank God my husband was very supportive of me. Honestly, it was not easy but this situation had proved to me how strong I am and that I can do anything. I completed my BSN in December 2009, I found out yesterday that I passed the NCLEX @ 75 questions and my little diva is turning 3 in June 2010.
  5. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    @ lauranelli, if you get the "good pop up" you'll be all right. This was the only thing that kept me going the last two days until i've got the quick result. this trick does work. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO.
  6. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    The trick did work for me. I've got the good pop up a couple of hours after my exam (March 10), i just checked quick result and YES I PASSED. I am a RN. Now i can get some sleep. I want to thank everyone on this site. I've been getting advices since Med/Surg when i had doubt about being successfull. ALL NURSES.COM ROCKS Now i have to go beg for a job. lol
  7. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    @ Trec96, I too took my exam in NYC yesterday morning. The result should be up by tomorrow morning. My test stopped at 75 questions and i almost had a heart attack. I did the PVT i've got the good pop up. this is the only thing that keeps me going. I keep checking every now and then, still get the good one. I keep my finger cross. Just so you know, you are not alone. We'll make it.
  8. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I took the exam yesterday. stopped at 75 questions and I was literally in shock. I've finally got the courage to check PVT and the good pop up showed up. I checked last night before I went to bed (even if i didn't get to sleep). First thing this morning i checked to make sure that it will still show up, it did. Now i am waiting for tomorrow to check the official result.
  9. Maeva002

    Just finished the NCLEX.....PVT

    Took my test this morning 8:00am. I felt so horrible but PVT gave me some hope by decreasing my anxiety. i've got the good pop up. Really hope it's good sign
  10. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    i hope it works, i just tried, i think i've got the good pop up.
  11. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Yes i have quick result in NY. 48 hrs still seems like an eternity to me.
  12. Maeva002

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    just took my exam, stopped at 75 questions. this is killing me, i feel so horrible, don't know what to think. Don't even have the gut to try the trick.
  13. Maeva002

    NCLEX DRUGS??? Most-Prescribed MEDS in the US!

    Thanks, i'll definitely use this.
  14. Maeva002

    Easy questions on the NCLEX???

    Congratulations I will take my nclex in March and i still don't feel prepare
  15. Maeva002

    Taking nclex-rn on december 22

    Go get them girl, you can do it !!!!!
  16. Maeva002

    Passed NCLEX RN yesterday

    Congrats my pinning ceremony is this week and don't know yet when i'm taking my nclex-rn give me some tricks guys CONGRATS on more time :yeah: