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TMI at Dinner


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Being a nurse means that you've seen lots of gross stuff at work all day. But it usually doesn't affect your appetite. Now it may affect the appetites of those you eat with. You may want to leave that part of your day "at the office". Ever get complaints about what you talk about at the dinner table?

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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Only after I've started explaining exactly what a torso degloving involves.


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Or what happened following the physician screaming for a thoracotomy tray.

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Trauma stuff doesn't faze my gang, but heaven forbid I mention a c-dif code brown or draining abscess.....

BrandonLPN, LPN

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Yeah, most people I know are actually disappointed I don't have more bloody/gory stories. (But nobody wants to hear about the poop)


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...(But nobody wants to hear about the poop)

Yes, a problem for me and an even bigger one for my husband who works in a sewage treatment plant.

My son will sometimes actually dry heave while I'm talking.

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I was out at dinner with my stepdaughter and her fellow medical students. They started talking about things they'd done and seen during the week. Then one looked at me an apologized for the gross conversation. I said, "It's okay, I'm a nurse and I work at a level one trauma center and burn center. You guys aren't even close to gross." lol

What gets me is that my family cannot get enough blood and gore at the movie theater, but if I talk about an IV start or a dressing change it is more than they can stand.