so tired....


of doing questions. I take my NCLEX next week and I have no motivation to study any more. Can I stop thinking about nursing for a few hours, please?


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I take it next week too and NO motivation at all.

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I have done 1000+ questions. I really want to do 75 and out next week.


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Haha I feel the same way...ugh!!!

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Then stop studying!!!! I went through this 'fatigue' stage, too. A week before my exam, I didn't study at all. The week of the exam, I tried to baracade myself at home with the plan for last-minute cramming but for some reason, my ENTIRE family showed up out of the blue. They had no way of knowing that i was testing that week since I told NOBODY! But, that visit kept me occupied with non-NCLEX thoughts and then on the day of the exam, I walked into Pearson Vue at 0800 as an LPN and walked out after 58 minutes and 75 questions as an RN without having a chance to do my cram session.

Your 'fatigue' will only place added stress on you which can lead to poor critical-thinking skills; something you do not need on exam day. You've each spent a couple of years at least in nursing school and if you have this 'wore-out' feeling, you've logged countless hours of NCLEX preparation. I say relax; you've done what you're supposed to do to be ready. Good luck to you both!!!!

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Well I have to finish Kaplan and review a few things, but I am going to take tonight off! Good luck everyone.