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i am about burned out. i graduate in may and can't wait. this thread is pointless other than for me to ramble and vent. nursing school is a piece of cake, i hardly ever study for a test and i've only made one B so far. BUT, i hate all these damn papers i have to write, and stupid projects. i'd rather them teach me the material that make me do a BS project. sorry but it the end of the semester and they are all due! ok, enough venting.


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Hang in there, it is worth it. I think they come up with the projects and papers just to see if you can stick with it. It helps when you are the only RN on the floor and things are hopping- you can reflect on how you stuck with it in school. Good luck!

i'm in the same boat here. just plain burnt out.

hang in there.....


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Hang in there! I'm sure I'll need someone to tell me that in a few semesters too! It will be worth it. :)


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You can do it!! You are almost done!! I hate papers also so I feel your pain!! UGH!!


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I'm burnt too. It's just that point in the semester when we need some time off. We should have a Fall break...God knows we all need it. Just think in a few weeks we'll have a couple of days...

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I graduate next summer too and it's a killer going to class/hospital everyday. I mean I just want it to be over! It's not like the little vacations make me refreshed either. Sure I have fun, but after a week back at school, I'm burnt out again!



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Ditto ot what Rena said.. Hang in there ! :)

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I haven't started nursing school yet. I'm still doing my pre-reqs. Hang in there--you're scaring me!! :p My roommate is in nursing school now and is so overwhelmed.


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Mel D, I hear ya! I start my program in the Spring and I'm scared cr@pless! (See thread entitled "Scared to DEATH!!!" posted by me.




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You can do this....

Keep pushing ahead and think "one day at a time..."

Good Luck! :)


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Going to school isn't the prob for me (I mean studying and papers) Its the commute and struggle to pay the bills at same time. Ancient car, paying rent and utilities. Those of you have parents/family/spouse to help be grateful (assuming they are helping). After doing it all at the same time just working will be a breeze. Well I'm taken all the prereqs I can first.

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