tips how to manage studying for nclex


Hey guys, I am studying for nclex RN second attempt..

I finished videos for Hurst now.. I only need to listen to OB/PEDS and filled all the papers..

I am also listening to Kaplan Q questions review for all the categories there's 60 questions each and it teach you the strategy how to answer questions.

I also did Brilliant Nurse for one week and I was able to complete everything and i scored 55% exam 1 and 58% on exam 2 they recommend 60% but I am still beginning in preparing.

I have the Kaplan strategy book, I 'll be starting doing Qbanks, Q trainers and Strategy book and keep reviewing contents from Hurst notes if I get questions wrong or I am not sure about topic.. please guys is this is good method of studying? I work 3 days and I am off 4 days.

I will review PDA book again, I already done all the chapters in first attempt and Brilliant Nurse taught me how to answer the management or priority questions better..

I will be studying everyday except one day a week off and relax I may take my board in 6 weeks.. I scheduled but hope this date will be set...

Thanks guys!!

You seem to be on the right track, but the main thing once you fail is to know where your weaknesses are and focus on them. A lot of questions will help! Kaplan is great for strategy, Hurst and Saunders will help with content. and LaCharity is great for priority questions. Your first job is to figure out where your problem lies and address that, Taking a day (or 2) off each week is excellent!

We are all pulling for you!!

I second with scaredsilly, you are on the right track. It seems like you have your core content down, which is excellent. If you're not doing it already, maybe you can bump up a few more questions a day to about 100-200 a day give or take. You should definitely read the rationales whether you got it right or wrong so you can understand the WHY, which I believe is the most important part. IMO, the holy grail of books for the NCLEX is LaCharity's PDA. I read that book three times (last two times without the case studies) and I feel that it helped me supplement my knowledge along with the core content (I used hurst, saunders, pda and nclex mastery on the app store.) Best of luck to you! :)

When you decide on how to put it all together please let me know. I struggle with making a review plan that will be what I need most. I did Hurst live review, videos and 800+ review questions and still failed. This time I am going to study strategy from kaplan, pda from laCharity, the Hurst review material (again) and do at least 100 questions a day 4 days a week. Since this will be my 4th test I am feeling a bit Waverly in what and how to study. Since what I did the first 3 tests didn't result in me succeeding I must find out exactly what I am doing wrong and fix! I am really starting to believe my nerves and pressure are the problems. Any advise for calming down and not being so psyched out for the test? I even thought about going to a hypnotherapy. Desperate to pass!

Thank you guys for the advises.. I am happy to be part of this group.. I am focusing on contents, strategy and answering questions.

My weakness was about strategy and how to answer the questions.. I have two topics were above passing and two topics bellow passing and rest are near passing in my CPR.

dbrenda1510 What was your weakness in the CPR results? if it's anxiety try to take something to calm you down and stay focused.. for me I always take breaks in between and stay focused during the exams... focus on your weakness.. I am refreshing my mind with Hurst contents I will read these daily like in the morning and in the afternoon I will be doing strategy book from Kaplan and Kaplan Qbanks and Qtrainers.. that's my plan. Study both daily. Do not overwhelm yourself if you can do 50 a day and understand the reason why you get them wrong do that.. I will be doing 50 then increase to 100 questions a day.

Good luck to who is taking the board and do not give up!! Stay positive that's what I tell myself :)

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