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blinky, ASN, RN

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So took it today failed 240 or so questions. feel depressed mad waste of time etc etc. graduate aug 18th took nov 9th studied little bit most every day end of sept to nov eventually just got sick of it

5 or so math

8 or so SATA

two pictures

TONS of priority who to asses first, and all this crap about "you attended a conference about topic X how do you know the nurse understood it?"

delegation questions but i feel good about these:

- RN new admits, teaching, assessing nursing judgment, drug admin

LPN/LVN normal vs abnormal and sterile procedures

Assign stable patients with expected outcomes

Nurse assistant - vitals etc

6 or some drug questions about side effects and patient teaching

lots of CAD [really?] and diabetes it seemed

I knew what the questions were asking but i couldnt pick the right answer or got it down to 50/50.

I.E tying together what the answers were and what they meant gave x information and what disease/poor outcome it was referring to etc.

Studied Kaplan [class room anywhere version] for a month or so before taking this and the pearson NCLEX review book

-Diagnostic test on Kaplan [180 questions got 56% score]

first practice test 55% [75 questions] most test scores were like this.

HESI in school i think i scored in 600s

After 75 questions i just got ****** as i knew id be taking 265, maybe my problem who knows. managed to compose and carry on though.

Also kept getting questions about what patient to assign to a pediatric nurse or OB nurse etc [ could use tips here]

and only one triage which i couldnt relate the answer choices to reverse triage.

Could use most advice on the priority questions etc

areas on kaplan test i was lowest on was management of care

Thank you for sharing tips and advices! This thread was great!! May GODbless you all

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