7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Nurse Practitioner Program

Choosing to go graduate school is NOT an easy decision. It is one that requires a ton of thought and internal processing. In this article, I will give you first hand advice and questions that I asked myself before I started my graduate program. In the end, fingers crossed, your mind will be put at ease and the decision to start the application process will move from a maybe to a YES!

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I am in the last year of my BSN program and am thinking about grad school. I was a paramedic for 20 years before nursing. I am thinking about becoming an NP but unsure of my focus. Thanks for the great information.


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Thanks for a great information! I have been contemplating returning to school for my DNP so this was quite helpful.


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If one is interested in specializing in Women's Health - OB/GYN, and Neonates, which program? Or would a dual NP - Neonate & Certified Midwife make sense?

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The days are OVER when gynecologists and anesthesiololgists covered ER shifts for extra money. If a FNP wants to practice in an acute care setting, they can go and get extra certification in that specialty...it's really quite simple.