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hello fellow students!

graduation is getting closer and closer. 102 days and counting. tomorrow we sit through the first part of our "mosby's assess test" which is supposed to be a decent indicator of how well we will do on state boards. then in one week we finish it up. a total of 7 hours to take one test. :rolleyes: old fashioned pencil and paper style no less! :chuckle

so does your school offer anything like this "mosby's assess test"?


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I am scheduled to take the Mosbys assess test on March 7th. I did not ask how long it takes, but that is all that is on the agenda for that day. Hmmm maybe I should find out. I wa thinking that we would all have an early day and go to lunch....guess not!

Good Luck to you with the test. 102 days seems like a lifetime huh??

Best to you!



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Our school uses an online testing service called ATI Testing

Every semester since fundamentals, we have had to take a test to assess how we are progressing and where each of us stands on a national percentile.

It's awful! We ahve to pay liek $65.00 per semester for something that doesn't count!


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Bleh! I also have to do ATI testing. It is new to us this year, and I don't really care for the testing. We took the Mosby's last year and I did pretty well on it except for psych. I think I scored a 30 something in it. My overall was ~88.


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We take the NLN exams, and were told that they are an indicator of how we will test on state boards. Usually they cost about $20 per test and we have one at the beginning and one at the end of each semester. This semester we had to pay $80 for the two tests. It seems like a waste to me.


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When I was in school, graduated 2000. We took the NLN's too. We didn't have to pay for them, I guess they were including in tuition. We had a small class of students. Well anyway, I think they really help you with test taking and the kinds of questions that will be on NCLEX. My friends from school feel the same way. I guess I was so nervous about NCLEX I would have done anything to help me prepare. I would have taken them voluntarily. I did well on them and that built my confidence too. We took ther Mosby's asses test too. Sooooo long so be ready. Comfortable clothing and water. I think that was helpful like the NLN's were. They just made me more comfortable the the types of questions and it was great review.


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One day about a month ago I was bored and figured out, at different points, how long until graduation. As of today, there are 444 day left. but that's ok. It' s less than I had yesterday!

Congrats Rena!

We take what they call a Hesi Exit exam. It was made by the Health education systems incorporated and it is similar to the Mosby Assess and NLN exams where the exam predicts how well we will do on NCLEX. Our school STRONGLY recommends and encourages us to take a NCLEX review course if we don't pass with at LEAST a 85 probability on the HESI exit. We are taking it at the end of March.


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We just took the NLN diagnostic readiness test on Tuesday. We are also going to take the pharmacology and nutrition tests since those are the two areas that most people mess up on (so we have been told)

The hospital where I accepted a position has an NCLEX review class the week after I graduate, then I start orientation the next week. I hope it is enough!



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We take the NCI Readiness exam. I have no clue what it is but I take it this Friday and they say it will take about 8 hours includeing a luch break somewhere in there. I am not looking forward to it. If we do not pass a section we are required to take remedial classes until we pass and if we don't meet specific expectations (which we haven't been told what exactly I might add) then we are not allowed to graduate and go on to take NCLEX.


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We take the Arnett on April 29

fellow students, let me tell you this......THAT TEST WAS HARD!!!!!!!!!! :chuckle

i just took this test straight through. we were allowed to take breaks at will though so that made it somewhat better. since we missed so many days of class over weather, instead of breaking the exam into sections, the instructor let us take the test without stopping.

and all it proved to me this day is that i am very uneducated. :chuckle

good luck to all of you taking any exam like this one.

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