i thought it would be harder


I started 09/03, so I am about a month into classes and we start clinicals on the 19th. I am doing awesome and barely studying. How come this is not harder? I have at least 3 quizzes a day and 3 tests every week. Loads of reading and studying. I just thought it would be more tough. I mean I have never done anything related to this before, but it's making me happy! I am not complaining, just wondering if anyone else feels the same?

edit: I go to school M-F 730a-230p (full time)


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I don't think school is hard. It's just that once you start clinicals along with going to class, it's stressful. I graduate in December and have made good grades throughout. Of course I also have one child in middle school and one in elementary who are both in sports related activities so maybe that's why I'm tired and a little stressed. Oh and it probably depends on the school you're attending too. I attend a school that has a 100% NCLEX rate for the past 7 years so their program has been hard for a lot of people. We've lost a third of our class.


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Heyyy you know I feel the same way honestlyy!! I am actually pt nights 3 nights a week 5 hours a night we have a test every day I work anywhere from 50-58 hours a week and honestly I think it depends on who you are if you can handle the stress of having a test each day and dealing with out of school things some people cant handle it but so far so good and I hopeeeeeeee it stays this way :) Although next term Med Surg I hear is a killllla! :no:


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be careful! don't get too sure of yourself. i was like you in the beginning and had a wake up call when i failed psych rotation.

i also went to school m-f 9-3:30 (full-time) and worked full-time. it was a 15-month, 3 semesters program. i passed 1st semester with little studying. then halfway the 2nd semester, my finals for psych was monday and i only studied at 5am that day and took the final. my final grade was 74.60. i failed! i needed 75.

retook psych and learned my lesson and finally learned how to study. my last semester i became an a student. my confidence helped me during clinicals so i got excellent grades on the clinical portion as well.

anyway, i wish you luck in your program.


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Yes take advantage now while you can my program is 11 months i graduate dec 4 2009 i can't wait and med surg is a beast i have 2 get an 77% on the next 13 test 2 graduate and i am terrified


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I am going on my 3rd quater right now and we start full clinicals next tuesday and have class all day every monday (there are 2 tests every monday also)....and let me just say it has not been easy for me...our program is really tough you have to get an 80% in every class (I had 7 classes 1st and 2nd quater) and if you dont pass even one class your kicked out of the program....And at my program the grading scale sucks! an 80-86 is a C, 87-93 is a B, and 94-100 is an A...it has been really difficult for me to get an A but last quater I got all B's and was really proud of myself and I study around 5-6 hours every night and I work like 20 hours on the weekend....I also go to school full time M-F 8am-3pm....but I got to say as much as it has sucked and I've wanted to give up more than once, i'm so proud of how far i've come and how much i've learned!!!:yeah:


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I agree with everyone. NS is quite easy right now but I don't want to speak too soon because I don't want my words to catch up with me. I really enjoy NS. We had Finals today in one of my classes and we are just praying that everyone make it back to class Monday. We start a new class Monday and I am so excitesd.

Ksauce- Our grading scale is just like yours and it gets frustrating because I'm not used to getting graded like that.

Good Luck and Study Hard! We'll be nurses in no time:nurse:

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I completed an LPN/LVN program 4 years ago, and now I am attending an LPN-to-RN bridge ADN program with a scheduled graduation date of March 2010.

In both the LPN and the RN programs, my personal experience is that nursing programs are not very hard until you reach the med/surg portion. Traditionally, the med/surg class is where we have traditionally lost people due to failing out of class. It is a class where most students must stay on top of their game plans because there is absolutely no room for failure. Therefore, I wouldn't speak too soon regarding the ease (or difficulty) of your nursing school's program.

Good luck to you!

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