Those who had satas on Nclex.. what were they mainly on?

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I'm really curious about the SATAs that you guys got on Nclex.. what were the main topics?

For me, the last time I took my nclex it was nutrition.. lots of nutrition nclex.

How about you guys?


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Hi - (not sure if you know) - according to NCLEX Candidate Rules, You may not disclose information about the items or answers seen in your exam.

We are Nurses that live by rules and are guided by integrity.


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What someone else got in the way of questions is entirely irrelevant. They received questions in areas where they showed weakness, and continued to receive questions until the computer was "satisfied" that the candidate was above the passing standard in that area.

Last time you got nutrition questions because you were weaker in that area, so it continued to test you. Obviously, since you said "the last time I took my NCLEX" you didn't pass....indicating that you had weak areas under the passing standard.

Asking what kinds of questions other people got is akin to asking them whether they had to wait in traffic on the way to the testing center the day they tested. It has zero relevance to you.


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I want to apologize for this post. I was too fast to post without thinking. I've learned that it is inappropriate to ask such question on this forum.


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As long as you know your content really really well you will be able to answer anything SATA, pictures anything just remember to BREATHE


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From my understanding SATA questions varies. Thus you just have to study content, I used nclex 3500 and lipponett (sp) alt format book which helped me a lot. They have higher level SATA questions.


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from what my classmates have told me, the SATA are not meant to confuse you and they aren't written so that it can't be figured out. You just have to take them one by one answering them as true or false. I was also told that they are heavily content based.

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