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  1. MPHJane

    HELPPPPP !!!!!Failed nclex twice, last chance next

    I used Kaplan but I also took time for myself like exercise. You can't over work your brain. I would study for at Least two hours a day then rest.
  2. MPHJane

    Did I say something wrong?

    I think what you ask is in the scope of your job. I also think saying please and thank you goes along way. People are more inclined to help when you ask them to do it. I wish you luck with everything.
  3. MPHJane

    Dealing with a difficult coworker

    Thank you all for your advice. I am going to stick it out for now but if he starts yelling I will have to tell my manager. Luckily I work full time and do this per diem so I don't have to deal with this issue on a regular basis.
  4. Hello I have been a nurse for a solid year. I just started working per diem at a nursing home. There is one nurse who is also a graduate nurse but has experience working at a nursing home. There have been several occasions where he yells at the staff and me. Instead of showing the correct way to do things he just yells. I got to the point where I don't like coming to work because I have to deal with this person. I am very kind and curious but I don't think I can deal with him. I am thinking about quitting. Any advice?
  5. MPHJane

    found a job... how to prepare?

    I think its all hands on experience. In nursing school you may get one or two patients. In the real world you would get multiple patients. Once you have the patients then you would learn how to manage your time and provide the best nursing care efficiently.
  6. MPHJane

    One year later and the search continues

    If you choose nursing at a prison you would have gain medical experience. If you decide to work at a health center I am sure the hours would be reasonable and you would focus on education and prevention. Overall these are both good opportunities and the choice you make will have a good consequence. Good luck
  7. MPHJane

    Job decision

    Thanks guys! I decided not to take the job I am going to wait for something else
  8. MPHJane

    Job decision

    Hello, I recently got my RN license in October. I have been employed at a treatment center as a per diem nurse. I recently got an offer for a position that has availability for 3rd shift or per diem. I want a full time job but I am nervous about working third shift and I think my head would spin if I got another per diem position. Please keep in mind that I already work full time but it is a non-nursing job and I still have the per diem shift at the treatment center. My goal is to find a full time job in nursing. Do you think I should take the 3rd shift job.