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Hello, I recently got my RN license in October. I have been employed at a treatment center as a per diem nurse. I recently got an offer for a position that has availability for 3rd shift or per diem. I want a full time job but I am nervous about working third shift and I think my head would spin if I got another per diem position. Please keep in mind that I already work full time but it is a non-nursing job and I still have the per diem shift at the treatment center. My goal is to find a full time job in nursing. Do you think I should take the 3rd shift job.

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We don't want your head to spin. Wait for something better to come along.


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If you don't financially need the job, don't take it. I took on a 3rd shift job without needing the money and I ended up breaking down a few months and needing to quit. Now I am a new grad who didn't stick to her job instead of just a new grad.


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Thanks guys! I decided not to take the job I am going to wait for something else