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I am new to this forum but I have been reading other people's stories for months. First of all, I truly appreciate reading everyone's post, this made me feel very confident that I can succeed this NCLEX. I graduated from my Nursing classes Oct 2013. I decided to take the nclex in January since I had to take another course in November to December. I studied Saunders and ATI mentor and several other apps on my phone. I felt confident during test day. I made an appointment at 8am. I ended up taking the whole 265 questions..I felt so defeated and tired. As soon as I got out of the testing center I did the PVT and it went straight to the CC page. I didn't really feel sad- I felt like I was in a dream. First, I didn't anticipate the getting the whole 265 questions. I was tired, hungry, and I had a massive headache during the exam. So, I decided retest in April1st. While I was in school we did the Kaplan classroom section, q banks and question trainers. I stupidly listened to people's negative comments about the Kaplan so I decided not to none of the qtrainers and q banks. This time around I decided to do the Kaplan. I did all of the q banks for an average of 52%, question trainers 1-7 with an average of 50's to 60's and I watched some of the content videos. I also went on the NCBSN website and read the podcast of the question of the week. This was very helpful! Plus, I got the alternative question book by Lipponett which was super helpful. I made sure that I ate a good breakfast, carried aspirin, and took lunch to snack on. During question trainer 7 helped me the most since I ended up getting all of 265 questions. I wasn't tired or stressed out. When I left the exam I immediately did the PVT trick and to my amaze I got the good pop up. So, for anyone that feels discourage about failing the first time..don't be! Take the test when you feel confident and focus. I think the first time I took the test I wasn't focused. The second time I had to gain clarity by working out..which was very helpful! Also, the question resemble Kaplan but I also think it resembles nclex 3500 and Liponnett Q and A. As long as you do application and analysis questions you are good to go!


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Thank you for sharing your story :)


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Thank you so much!!

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