This time managment got blamed for something it did not do.

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My brother who is an LPN missed Christmas party for last three years but showed up this year. I said to his wife that I was glad his !@#$% boss finally gave him a Christmas off.(He works steady 3-11). She informed me that he has enough senority to get off anytime he wants. She said that he finds family gettogethers emotionally draining and has been volunteering for Christmas. She said he only showed up this year because she insisted. He was getting ready to volunteer again when she threw a fit. Oh dear, there I was jumping to conclusions. :imbar

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Oramar wow that would be a shock to find out wouldn't it!!!


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That's a shame somone would rather work than be with their family. Well, it's over and he survived.


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Well, we're talking extended family here, and take it from someone who knows... not ALL families are happy little places to spend time! We don't even speak to a certain matronly part of our extended family anymore. The constant negativity was too oppressive.

I tell Mister and the boys if they ever want to NOT do something, just blame "the Momma" (me) and I'll vouch for 'em. I can relate to Oramar's brother's plight though, sometimes it seems easier to hide behind a handy excuse (work) than to speak your truth and say that you're uncomfortable in a given situation.

Mister is pretty much a hermit, he doesn't like "people" much... but he LOVES spending time with our nuclear family. He's not a bad person, although people have gotten that impression since he doesn't "do" social things. He just likes his privacy.

I can respect that.


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NurseWeasel, we are the same way with the paternal side of my family. My sister and I would both rather eat dirt than to subject our nuclear families to those people.


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I can totally relate - I couldn't stand my ex-hubby's family (they were soooo nice in the begining then went to total selfish *&$%!) I often used school as an excuse not to go over and spend time with them.


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Can we say DIS-functional here? I was 20 before I realized ALL families didn't scream at each other every holiday. Every year at least one and usually more ended the day pouting. I thank my wonderful hubby and his family for making me realize what normal is.

On the other hand, at our hospital NO amount of seniority would guarantee you squat if it wasn't your "turn" to get off.


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