This sucks! I hate being a patient!


I recently had my annual pap test which came back abnormal. This was a first, and I was surprised since I have been getting my annual exam religiously for the past 15 years. I had to then get a colposcopy, which didn't thrill me, but you do what ya gotta do. I now have been informed that I do indeed have precancerous changes that will require a LEEP procedure. I am not interested. I hate the inconvenience of scheduling these appointments around my ever changing rotating schedule at work (rotating evenings and nights, every third weekend), my children and their activities, preschool, daycare, etc. I now have also been put on notice for jury duty for the next two months. This makes it completely impossible to know when I will be available which my job is not helping (see my post "How can this be legal?"). I can't stand the thought of additional follow-ups every three months for the next year. I'm a new nurse, haven't even gotten 6 months in on the job and am suppose to begin cross-training to another department tomorrow. I just want some freaking stability in my life

!!!!! My dad just had cardiac issues over the last couple of months with stent placement a few weeks ago. I just feel like every freaking time I turn around there is some other new issue. I've had enough on my plate with becoming a new RN, learning my job, worrying about being cross trained to another department (only get 5 days orientation for that), adjusting to night shift, and battling a new case of depression. Any words of wisdom? My doctor said it is not crucial that I rush to get the LEEP. He said this type of cancer (I have precancerous cells) is slow growing and it needs addressed, but not an urgent thing. What do you think? I can only juggle so many things at once.


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i say first take a deep breath. i dont have as much on my plate as you, but i know how it feels to be overwhelmed. you also have to take care of yourself, if your health fails you wont be able to be there for all of the things that overwhelm you. take care and as someone once told me "take it one day at a time"

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You do have a heck of a lot going on! :eek:

Call the Jury Duty office--there should be a # on your notice, ask if you can get it postponed. (You may need a doc's note, that shouldn't be a biggie.) Also, ask about the legality of your employment situation. I believe in most states, it's illegal to make you work in the midst of jury duty. But, in California, at least, they (the court) pay you such a pittance, you may want to get some hours in on the weekends/holidays if you get impaneled. And usually you are given a time sheet to clock in and out on to turn in @ work--they're supposed to give you your regular salary for the hours you are actually @ the courthouse doing your "civic duty".

Good luck w/all this stuff! Put your health higher on the priority list than jury duty, ok?

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you need to put your health first. if you put it off, then you will continue to put it off to where it will eventually become an urgent thing. i've been there, done that, and then on my 2nd repeat pap more abnormal cells came back. so i had another colposcopy. am i thrilled about it? heck no. i am mad actually, although it's nobody's fault. but mad about the fact it's interrupting my schedule and the way i run through life daily.

you have an awful lot going on in your life, but you need to take care of yourself.

good luck!


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your health comes first dear, no one is going to take care of you except for yourself. you do have a lot of responsibilities and the most important is to take care of your children. who will take care of them if you are sick? so take care of yourself now so you can be there for them:)


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Indeed you need to do what is right. Your health comes first.

Jury duty is a constitutional right, however most states will make allowances for health problems. Here if you are over 60 you can beg off. I enjoy most jury calls, part of being an American. And you get to see all facets of your community there.

Many years ago I "accidentally" had a pap smear. New job required a complete physical---age 33--who thinks of cancer at that age? Anyway pap came back really bad and I had the leep and finally a hx. God looks out for us but be have to be available and listening.

Get the procedure, take care of you....OK? Your friends here want you to have the best.

I'm sorry to hear you are having so much going on right now. In my state of CA, I think you can get released from jury duty if you have medical needs (check for your state/it may require a note from your PCP). Same thing with work & jury duty as stated by previous CA, you are released from work for jury duty.

Your health is WAY more important than missing a little bit of work! I wouldn't put it off. You can take sick leave. Don't be a martyr, because only YOU and your family will suffer. The hospital will survive without you for a little while. It doesn't matter if you are a new grad or not...we aren't talking about you having the sniffles, but a serious medical issue here.

Here's my experience...4 Years ago my dad unexpectedly needed open heart surgery. I HAD to be with him, but he lives out of state. I was freaking out- not feeling like I could "get out of my shifts" at work. You know what- I spoke with my nurse manager, and got time off with little notice. Emergencies happen. Life happens. Family and your health have to be #1 priority. I went to be with my dad, and I will never regret it.

I have had some unexpected health problems myself the past year, and I don't feel one bit worried or guilty about taking time off if I have legitimate health concerns.I used to feel guilty about things like that as a new grad, but after several years of nursing and life experience, I know what the important priorities are. The hospital may be inconvenienced but a nurse taking medical leave, but that's jolly well too bad. I have been a dependable, loyal employee for many years. I work doubles on occasion to fill in gaps. The least my employer can do is let me have time off when I'm ill! I had to see my docs many times last year for my illness, and it wasn't fun, but I KNEW if I didn't my problems would only get worse.

So, go take care of yourself! You are worth it. ;) You will likely be less stressed if your deal with sooner rather than later. I think too many nurses put themselves last by not taking breaks, not saying no, and not taking time for themselves when they need it.Cut yourself a break... do something healthy and take care of yourself.

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